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Well Beyond 40 with JJ Virgin is the podcast for women who want to age powerfully and enjoy the best chapter of their lives.

It’s YOUR turn now to focus on nutrition, wellness, fitness, mindfulness, and beauty.

Refuel your body. Reignite your wellness. Renew your passion. Fall (back) in love with your life, and discover what it means to age powerfully.

Every information-packed episode combines cutting-edge science, pearls of wisdom from JJ’s four decades as a health and wellness leader and the world’s leading experts on weight loss, metabolism, menopause, life transitions and much more. We dive deep into topics like cultivating mindfulness, building strong relationships and setting boundaries, and choosing health…in a nutshell, how we can AGE POWERFULLY into this second half of our lives.

At Well Beyond 40, we empower women in their 40s, 50s, 60, 70s (and beyond!) to defy stereotypes and say, “It's my time now. It's my turn now. It’s my opportunity to step into my best life!”

For four decades, JJ Virgin has helped people lose weight and stop weight regain by eliminating hidden food intolerances and lowering their sugar impact. As a triple-board certified nutrition expert and Fitness Hall of Famer, JJ helps you stay fired up and focused on being your healthiest rockstar self.

In addition to hosting Well Beyond 40, JJ is a prominent TV and media personality. She was co-host of TLC’s Freaky Eaters and the on-camera nutritionist for Weight Loss Challenges on Dr. Phil.

Over the years, JJ has made numerous appearances on PBS, Dr. Oz, Rachael Ray, Access Hollywood, and the TODAY Show. She also speaks regularly and has shared the stage with notables including Seth Godin, Lisa Nichols, Gary Vaynerchuk, Mark Hyman, Dan Buettner, and Mary Morrissey.

JJ is the author of 4 New York Times bestsellers: The Virgin Diet, The Virgin Diet Cookbook, The Sugar Impact Diet, and The Sugar Impact Diet Cookbook.

JJ is also the author of Warrior Mom: 7 Secrets to Bold, Brave Resilience. She regularly writes for major blogs and other publications including mindbodygreen and Medium.

Visit for hundreds of free recipes and resources, plus state-of-the-art programs, products, and plenty of support to help you rev up your metabolism, reignite your wellness, and step powerfully into the second half of your life.
1113 Episodes
When you want to lose weight, you probably think of diet and exercise, right? But working out too much might be stalling fat loss! Exercise has so many benefits, but it may not help you lose as much weight as you think. Here, you’ll learn why over-exercise spikes stress hormones (leading to a cascade of problems), the FIRST thing you should do to get more exercise (hint: it’s not going to the gym!), and the best workout for your metabolic buck (and you can do this in under 10 minutes total). I’ll also reveal the most important aspect of exercise to get all of its benefits (many people aren’t doing this!), how to recover smartly, and how I exercised LESS to get much better results!
Author and founder of the Kalish Institute, Dr. Dan Kalish is dedicated to training practitioners in functional medicine philosophies and practices. He joins JJ in today's podcast episode to talk about the powerhouse of your cell: the mitochondria! Listen as Dr. Kalish explains the role of your mitochondria in regulating your metabolism, as well as why your ability to burn fat and maintain your energy levels can suffer if your mitochondria aren't functioning properly. Dr. Kalish also shares the top sources of oxidative stress that can damage your mitochondria like excessive endurance exercise and exposure to environmental toxins. Plus, Dr. Kalish reveals how to rebuild your mitochondria, including the simple diet and lifestyle tips you can start putting into action today to jumpstart fat burning, regain energy, and take back your health! Get Dr. Dan Kalish’s free Mitochondria Masterclass
It’s my mission to help you get off sugar! In this video, you’ll learn 5 ways to lower your sugar impact to flip the switch, drop fat fast, and keep it off. Unfortunately, sugar is sneaky: It hides in strange, unsuspecting places and in “healthy sounding” names. You’ll learn why cutting out sugar is so hard (willpower doesn’t apply here!), why natural or “healthy” sugar is still sugar, the sneaky places where sugar hides, how to determine how much sugar your body can handle, and the sugar-dementia connection (this is shocking!). Plus, I’ll give you simple sugar swaps, how to build your plate to crush cravings, the super nutrient that balances blood sugar and lots more, and the surprising connection between sugar and gut health. With these strategies, you’ve got everything you need to step off the sugar roller coaster for good so that you can shift from being a sugar burner to a fat burner.
Research shows that only 12% of adults are metabolically healthy. Since that data was published, metabolic conditions including obesity and diabetes have only become worse. In this episode of Ask the Health Expert, cardiothoracic surgeon and bestselling author Dr. Philip Ovadia explains why the answers to these problems can be found in metabolic health. As a morbidly obese and pre-diabetic surgeon, Dr. Ovadia realized that he was going to end up on his own operating table. He tried everything he learned in medical school: The same advice he gave to patients to eat less, move more, and pay attention to the U S. Dietary Guidelines. Only problem was, that advice was failing him and his patients. Eventually, Dr. Ovadia found that by focusing on metabolic health, he was able to improve his own health. He lost over a hundred pounds and reversed his pre-diabetes. With that same focus and passion, he helps patients reach those same results. In this podcast, Dr. Ovadia talks about why our modern food environment has hijacked our health and made us metabolically unhealthy. He explains the difference between clean and dirty processed foods, the link between disease and poor metabolic health, and why you may be metabolically unhealthy even if you are normal weight or even underweight. Plus, Dr. Ovadia provides 5 health markers to help you shift gears and reclaim your metabolic health. In just 30 days, these strategies can create a measurable impact on your metabolic health. Whether you or someone close to you struggles with metabolic issues including obesity and diabetes, you won’t want to miss this informative episode to reclaim and maintain your metabolic health. Get Dr. Ovadia’s FREE Metabolic Health Assessment Tool
Can’t lose weight? Struggle with symptoms like achy joints, brain fog, acne, fatigue, and moodiness? Leaky gut could be the cause… and you may not even know that you have it! In this video, you’ll learn what contributes to leaky gut (spoiler alert: stress is a biggie!), the foods and beverages to use (and lose), the right supplements to heal your gut, and my favorite meal-timing strategy that heals your gut fast. With these gut-healing 3 tips (in just 3 weeks), you’ll look better, feel better, and finally break that weight loss plateau.
Geneen Roth is a bestselling author, international speaker, and one of JJ's long-time personal sheroes! She joins JJ today to talk about how to heal your relationship with food and live your life to the fullest. Listen as Geneen explains the steps you need to take to break free from emotional eating and achieve permanent weight loss, including why it's important to listen to your body and create personal boundaries for yourself. Don't wait until your life is "in order" to make a change – life is messy, and Geneen shares how that messiness can be used as a doorway to magnificence! Get Geneen Roth’s free guide, The Breaths I Have Left
If you’ve been struggling to lose weight – or you’ve lost weight but you gain it back (plus more) – you’ll want to watch this video. I’ll give you 3 simple steps to break this vicious cycle and lose fat fast. You’ll learn the one thing you MUST do before you start a weight loss program, why cold turkey doesn’t work, why I’m anti-diet, how “healthy” foods might be hurting you, and the hidden cause of most weight gain. You’ll learn how swapping out 7 foods can be a game changer for weight loss and feeling better. And don’t worry, I’ll show you how you can STILL enjoy your favorite foods and beverages… without the guilt.
We're diving into one of the biggest myths in fitness: that you can't lose fat and build muscle at the same time. Spoiler alert—you absolutely can! In this episode, I’m breaking down the essentials of recomposition, a strategy that allows you to shed fat and gain muscle, even if you’re navigating the hormonal changes of perimenopause. Join me as I reveal the five key components of successful recomping. We’ll start with the importance of protein intake and how to calculate the right amount for your target body weight. Discover why resistance training is your best friend in this journey, and how specific exercises can maximize your muscle gain. Plus, learn about the role of sugar impact, non-starchy vegetables, and healthy fats in your diet to help you achieve your fitness goals. I'll also share practical tips on how to increase your daily movement, track your progress with the right tools, and use diet cycling to combat diet fatigue and keep your metabolism revving. From my personal struggles with fitness plateaus to the science-backed strategies that worked for me, this episode is packed with actionable advice that you won't want to miss. FULL show notes: 7-Day Eat Protein First Challenge: Shop Oura Rings: Track your protein & macros with Cronometer App: Food scale: Download my free Resistance Training Cheat Sheet: Walking pad: Rucking vest: Episode Sponsors:  Try Timeline: Use code JJ10 for 10% off all products Go to now to try Qualia Senolytic backed by a 100 day money back guarantee, and use promo code VIRGINWELLNESS to get 15% off!  
If you've ever wondered whether menopause affects your brain, you're in for a revelation. This week, I'm thrilled to welcome back Dr. Lisa Mosconi, an associate professor of neuroscience at Weill Cornell Medicine and the director of the Women's Brain Initiative. Dr. Mosconi has been pioneering groundbreaking research that images women’s brains before, during, and after menopause, uncovering the profound changes we experience and how we can support our brain health through it all. Dr. Mosconi and I dive deep into the astonishing findings of her latest research, which is both enlightening and actionable. For the first time, we have solid scientific evidence that our brains do indeed change during menopause—and there are significant benefits to postmenopausal brains that you’ll definitely want to hear about. We discuss how hormone replacement therapy (HRT) impacts brain health and the exciting potential of new therapies that can stabilize brain function without increasing cancer risks. We also explore the three major life phases that transform women's brains: puberty, pregnancy, and perimenopause. Dr. Mosconi explains how each stage involves a unique remodeling process that can impact our emotional and cognitive function. This information is empowering, providing you with the knowledge to better understand and manage these transitions. For those of us navigating midlife and beyond, Dr. Mosconi shares practical strategies to protect and enhance our brain health. From diet and exercise to stress management and sleep hygiene, she offers clear, evidence-based advice that you can start implementing today. Whether you're in your 40s, 50s, or beyond, this episode is packed with insights that will help you thrive and embrace this powerful stage of life. So join us as we uncover the incredible science behind the menopause brain, bust myths, and empower you with tools to ensure your brain remains sharp and vibrant for years to come. Don't miss out on this transformative conversation!   FULL show notes: Learn more about Dr. Lisa Mosconi: Buy Dr. Mosconi’s book, The Menopause Brain: Follow Dr. Mosconi on Instagram: Dr. Mosconi interview - The Link Between Menopause and Alzheimer’s with Dr. Lisa Mosconi  
As we get older, it's more important than ever to make smart choices about what we put into our bodies. Today, I’ll reveal the nine foods I rely on to keep my energy up, my muscles strong, and my skin looking youthful. And trust me, a few of these might surprise you! We kick things off with fish, an absolute powerhouse when it comes to aging gracefully. You'll learn about the dual benefits of omega-3s and creatine found in fish, and how they support everything from brain health to skin elasticity. I also dive into the wonders of shellfish and taurine, and why you might want to start ordering that shrimp cocktail more often. Next, we explore the magic of deep green leafies and berries, and their crucial role in methylation—a process essential for turning genes on and off and keeping our cells running smoothly. I share my favorite ways to sneak these superfoods into your daily meals effortlessly. Cruciferous vegetables make an appearance too. I'll explain why you should be loading up on broccoli and cauliflower, especially if you want to help your liver detoxify your body and combat oxidative stress. And for those of you who haven't yet discovered the joys of fermented foods, I'll walk you through their benefits for gut health and beyond. We'll wrap up by talking about bone broth and beets, two often overlooked but incredibly beneficial additions to your diet. From supporting joint health to boosting nitric oxide levels for better circulation, these foods can make a huge difference in how you feel and look as you age. Tune in to learn how to incorporate these nine foods into your routine, and start feeling the transformative effects on your body and mind. Remember, it’s never too late to make a change that will help you age powerfully and beautifully. FULL show notes: Reignite Wellness™ Omega Plus (fish oil):  Designs for Health Taurine: Get 60 FREE delicious, protein-packed shake recipes in my Eat Protein First Smoothie Guide: Pique Tea: Flavorchef bone broth: Reignite Wellness™ Collagen Peptides Powder: Reignite Wellness™ Plant-Based & Paleo-Inspired All-In-One Shakes: Reignite Wellness™ Clean Creatine Powder: Vital Choice wild-caught seafood: Study: ω-3 Fatty Acids in the Prevention of Cognitive Decline in Humans:
In this eye-opening episode of The Well Beyond 40 Podcast, I sit down with the incredible Mike Mutzel, a seasoned expert in the fields of biology and clinical nutrition. Mike's unique blend of scientific knowledge and real-world experience brings a fresh perspective to the table, especially on topics like fasting, hormonal health, and the real impacts of our dietary choices. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or someone curious about optimizing your health, this conversation is packed with insights that will challenge what you thought you knew about your body. Mike shares his personal journey through various health challenges and how they led him to explore the complex world of hormones and dietary impacts on our body's physiology. From the surprising effects of fasted workouts to the nuances of protein intake, Mike's stories are not only relatable but also incredibly informative. He breaks down complex scientific concepts into understandable nuggets, making it easier for all of us to grasp the significance of our daily health choices. We also dive deep into the myths and truths surrounding creatine, especially for women, and discuss why it's a game-changer for muscle health and overall vitality. Mike's evidence-based approach, combined with practical advice from years in the trenches, provides a wealth of knowledge that can help you fine-tune your health strategies. Don't miss out on this fascinating discussion! Tune in to learn how you can leverage the latest science to support your health goals and why sometimes, challenging the status quo can lead to better health outcomes. Whether you're dealing with specific health issues or just aiming to optimize your well-being, there's something in this episode for you. Join us as we explore the critical links between diet, exercise, and long-term health—empower yourself with knowledge and start making more informed choices today!   FULL show notes: Mike Mutzel Instagram: Mike Mutzel YouTube: Belly Fat Effect: The Real Secret About How Your Diet, Intestinal Health, and Gut Bacteria Help You Burn Fat:  Study: Oreo Cookie Treatment Lowers LDL Cholesterol More Than High-Intensity Statin Therapy in a Lean Mass Hyper-Responder on a Ketogenic Diet: A Curious Crossover Experiment: High-Intensity Health: 25 vs 100 Grams of Protein After Exercise for Muscle Gains: New Study Breakdown  Study: Stopping or reducing dietary fiber intake reduces constipation and its associated symptoms  Reignite Wellness™ Clean Creatine Powder: Reignite Wellness™ ElectroReplenish: Reignite Wellness™ Extra Fiber: Reignite Wellness™ Plant-Based & Paleo-Inspired All-In-One Shakes: Order your own labs at YourLabWork: Get Mike’s FREE Blood Work Cheat-Sheet  
Ladies, if you’re still following the same supplement routine from your 30s, it’s time for a serious makeover. Our needs change as we age, and so should our approach to supplements. Just like you wouldn't stick to the same skincare routine from a decade ago, your supplement routine requires an update to truly impact your longevity and vitality. In today’s episode, I dive deep into the world of anti-aging supplements. I’ll share seven that have become non-negotiable in my daily regimen, particularly focusing on new additions that have supercharged my journey towards aging powerfully. But it’s not all about what’s trending in the anti-aging space. I also discuss staples and I’ll reveal why even old-school supplements like creatine are making a comeback in routines, not just for athletes but for anyone over 40 looking to maintain muscle strength and cognitive health. Each of these supplements offers unique benefits, from enhancing muscle function and bone health to boosting brain and metabolic health. Remember, aging is inevitable, but aging powerfully is a choice. Tune in to understand how each supplement works and to discover which ones might be worth adding to your routine. FULL show notes: Download Inner Wellness, Outer Beauty: Your Anti-Aging Cheat Sheet: Reignite Wellness™ Clean Creatine Powder: Reignite Wellness™ ElectroReplenish: Timeline Mitopure (Urolithin A): Neurohacker Qualia Senolytic:  Nitric oxide indicator strips:  Download my free Resistance Training Cheat Sheet: Reignite Wellness™ Vitamin D Plus: Designs for Health Taurine:  Reignite Wellness™ Amino Power Powder:  Akkermansia Muciniphila:  Study: Impact of the Natural Compound Urolithin A on Health, Disease, and Aging: Study: QUALIA SENOLYTIC PLACEBO-CONTROLLED CLINICAL STUDY RESULTS: Study: The Role of Vitamin K in Humans: Implication in Aging and Age-Associated Diseases: Study: Taurine as a potential anti-ageing therapy: the key to reversing the aging process? Short communication: Study: Potential Effects of Akkermansia Muciniphila in Aging and Aging-Related Diseases: Current Evidence and Perspectives: Study: Akkermansia muciniphila supplementation improves glucose tolerance in intestinal Ffar4 knockout mice during the daily light to dark transition: Study: Akkermansia muciniphila secretes a glucagon-like peptide-1-inducing protein that improves glucose homeostasis and ameliorates metabolic disease in mice:
I'm excited to share a deep dive into the world of health optimization with Dr. Darshan Shah. We explore groundbreaking diagnostic tools like full-body MRIs and liquid biopsies, which are changing the game in early disease detection and prevention. Dr. Shah shares insights into how these advanced techniques can significantly extend our health span and improve our quality of life. We also discuss the innovative treatments and therapies available at Dr. Shah's health optimization clinics. His approach combines the best of modern medicine with personalized wellness strategies, offering hope and practical solutions for those seeking to maintain vitality well into their later years. Join us as we delve into the fascinating intersection of technology and traditional medicine with one of the leading experts in the field. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in taking their health to the next level and embracing a life full of energy and vitality. Don't miss these invaluable insights that could truly change the way you look at your health and longevity.   FULL show notes: Learn more about Dr. Darshan Shah and Next Health: Pavlock Shocker Watch: Hand Grip Dynamometer: Study: Postprandial energy expenditure in whole-food and processed-food meals: implications for daily energy expenditure: Order your own labs at YourLabWork: Get Dr. Shah’s Ultimate Guide to Longevity  
Want to level up your fitness game without stepping foot in a gym? As we get older, maintaining muscle strength becomes increasingly crucial, but not everyone enjoys the gym environment. That's why I've crafted a workout routine tailored specifically for you, using just a few essential pieces of equipment that you can easily incorporate into your home routine. Around age 30, you start losing muscle mass, which can lead to a decline in strength, power, balance, and flexibility. It's not just about looking good; it's about feeling strong and confident in your body as you navigate daily life. I've put together a program that targets these key areas, focusing on upper-body pushing, upper-body pulling, and hip/thigh hinging exercises. I’ll explain the minimal equipment you need and share a free cheat sheet I made for you to easily get started. Each exercise in this routine is carefully chosen to help you build strength, power, and stability. And don't worry if you're new to this – I'll walk you through each movement, focusing on proper form and technique to prevent injury and optimize results.   FULL show notes: Watch the full video on YouTube: Use my Eat Protein First Calculator: Hand Grip Dynamometer: Download my free Resistance Training Cheat Sheet:
In this episode of Well Beyond 40, I had the pleasure of catching up with my old buddy and fitness industry veteran, Mark Sisson. You won't believe the gems he dropped about evolving fitness routines as we age and the importance of adapting to maintain strength, health, and vitality into our 70s and beyond! Mark, now 70, shares how he has shifted his focus from grueling endurance activities to more sustainable, joint-friendly workouts. It's all about less pain, more gain, and a ton of insightful shifts that he passionately shared, which I can't wait for you to discover. We also explored what measures are crucial to age more powerfully. It's not just about longevity; it's about enhancing your health span. From the critical health metrics you should monitor to innovative approaches to everyday fitness, Mark's perspective as a seasoned fitness guru truly opened up new avenues of thought about aging healthily. Remember to check out the cool guide from Mark available at, and don't forget to keep moving, measuring, and mastering your wellness journey! FULL show notes: Dry Farm Wines: Peluva:  Primal Kitchen:  The Primal Blueprint: The Keto Reset Diet: Reboot Your Metabolism in 21 Days and Burn Fat Forever: Get Mark’s Free 80-page book "Building Strong, Resilient Feet, The Definitive Guide to a Barefoot and Minimalist Shoe Lifestyle":  
In this episode, I share five key habits that are not only easy to implement, but also cost-effective, designed to enhance fat loss and maintain muscle mass as you age. I start with the transformative power of protein, explaining why consuming it first at every meal can lead to better food choices and enhanced metabolic efficiency. It's not just about nutrition; it’s about leveraging protein for hormone balance, increased satiety, and effective detoxification.    I also cover the benefits of incorporating walks after evening meals and the critical role of staying hydrated. Understanding the physiological impacts of these actions can significantly improve your health outcomes.   Lastly, I discuss the often-neglected effects of alcohol on fat metabolism and the essential practice of consistent meal tracking for sustainable weight management. I emphasize how tracking your meals can transform your approach to dieting and support long-term health goals. Tune in for practical tips and strategies to revamp your health routines and achieve better body composition after 40. Join me for more insights and check out our website for resources and challenges to kickstart your journey! FULL show notes: 7-Day Eat Protein First Challenge: Use my Eat Protein First Calculator: Reignite Wellness™ Extra Fiber: Download my FREE Best Rest Sleep Cheat Sheet:  
In this compelling episode, we dive into a transformative dialogue with Dr. Molly Maloof, who unveils the critical link between sexual health and your overall well-being. Introducing the concept of "sexual fitness," Molly champions a holistic view of health that encompasses the full spectrum of intimacy and connection. Her journey from the pharmaceutical world to pioneering a new sex therapy program underscores a dedicated pursuit to enrich our understanding and experience of sexual wellness.   Molly's insights challenge prevailing myths about sexual pleasure and address the profound effects of trauma on intimacy, offering strategies for cultivating deeper connections. She emphasizes the potential for a richer, more fulfilling life through a deeper exploration of our sexual selves, supported by the science of love and a compassionate approach to healing. This episode is an invitation to shift perceptions and embrace a holistic approach to sexual well-being, promising a path to stronger, more meaningful relationships and an enriched sense of personal health. Join us as we explore the power of sexual fitness to transform lives and deepen the bonds of love. FULL show notes: Dr. Joe Dispenza meditations: Theia Health Continuous Glucose Monitor:  Order your own labs at YourLabWork: Zero Acre cooking oils: use code VIRGIN15 for 15% off Hanu Health: Spark Factor book: Levels: Adamo: Get Dr. Molly’s HRV Optimization Protocol
In this episode, we take a critical look at the Women's Health Initiative (WHI) study and its long-lasting impact on the perception of hormone replacement therapy (HRT). We delve into why the WHI study led to many years of misguided, fear-driven medical advice regarding HRT. This discussion sets the stage for a broader conversation on how to approach hormone health more holistically and effectively. You’ll learn practical advice on managing hormone levels naturally, as well as how to evaluate hormone levels and recognize symptoms of imbalances in estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone. Plus, get insight on the foods that foster hormonal health, along with the benefits of certain supplements and herbs that aid in hormone balance and detoxification. This approach not only helps in alleviating symptoms but also in maintaining long-term health and well-being during menopause and beyond. FULL show notes:   7-Day Eat Protein First Challenge:   Reignite Wellness™ Extra Fiber:   Order your own labs at YourLabWork:   Download my FREE Best Rest Sleep Cheat Sheet: Reignite Wellness™ Vitamin D Plus:
Get ready for an incredible episode with the amazing Dr. Molly Maloof. She's a wealth of knowledge when it comes to optimizing your health and longevity. We dive deep into the two key pillars that Molly believes are essential for a long, healthy life: metabolism and human connection. Molly shares her insights on how you can optimize your metabolism through personalized nutrition, blood-sugar regulation, and continuous glucose monitoring. She also emphasizes the crucial role that social connections play in your overall health and well-being. Loneliness can be more detrimental than smoking, drinking, sedentary behavior, and obesity combined! Molly provides simple tips on how to build and maintain a strong social network, even in the face of challenges like the pandemic. Throughout the episode, we touch on a variety of fascinating topics, from the importance of a diverse, whole-foods diet to the benefits of nature therapy and the power of mindset in healing. Molly's passion for helping people achieve optimal health is truly inspiring and I know you'll come away from this conversation with practical tips and motivation to take your well-being to the next level. FULL show notes: Listen to the second part of my interview with Molly: Take my 7-Day Eat Protein First Challenge: Spark Factor book:  Levels:  Order your own labs at YourLabWork: Hanu Health: Adamo: Shop Apple Watches: Shop Oura Rings: Try Danger Coffee: Use code JJ for 10% off your order Join Theia Health: Dr. Joe Dispenza meditations: Extra Fiber: Get wild-caught fish and seafood from Vital Choice: Philips Hue Smart Lights: Get a Fresh Pressed Olive Oil Company subscription: Get a Sunlighten Sauna: use promo code JJVIRGIN when requesting pricing information for $600 off Sparkling C Powder: TRX Resistance Training Equipment: Free Shipping on all orders $99+: Check out Zero Acre cooking oils: use code VIRGIN15 for 15% off Study: Longevity Increased by Positive Self-Perceptions of Aging:
We've been told for decades that it's impossible to target fat loss and muscle gain at the same time (also known as body recomposition), but that's not entirely accurate. Rather than focusing on just your weight, you need to know what that weight is made up. If you're tired of the weight-loss roller coaster and ready for a more effective strategy, this episode is for you.   Today, we delve into the critical role of protein, why lowering your sugar impact is essential, and the importance of movement, including resistance and HIIT training. Plus, I share my husband's jaw-dropping transformation as a testament to the power of these strategies. So, if you're looking to make a lasting change to your body composition, you won't want to miss this episode!   FULL show notes:   7-Day Eat Protein First Challenge:   Track your protein & macros with Cronometer:   Download my FREE Protein Cheat Sheet:   Renpho Bioimpedance Scale:   Download my free Resistance Training Cheat Sheet:   Sugar Impact Diet:   Tape Measure:   TRX Resistance Training Equipment: Free Shipping on all orders $99+:   Walking Pad: Study: Is the goal of 12,000 steps per day sufficient for improving body composition and metabolic syndrome? The necessity of combining exercise intensity: a randomized controlled trial:
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