DiscoverRead-Aloud Revival ®(Fixed!) Bonus: Join us for an E.B. White Spring
(Fixed!) Bonus: Join us for an E.B. White Spring

(Fixed!) Bonus: Join us for an E.B. White Spring

Update: 2023-03-17


I have a theory that if I were to ask a hundred of today’s children’s book authors and illustrators to name a book that had a profound impact on them, I bet an unusually large number of those authors and illustrators would mention the work of E.B. White.

I cannot count the number of times I’ve heard authors say that E.B. White’s books have made such a huge difference in their lives and writing.

I’m a big E.B. White fan myself, and while I love Charlotte’s Web and Stuart Little, my absolute favorite is The Trumpet of the Swan.

And that’s what we’re reading this spring in RAR Premium for our Family Book Club. Plus, we’re going to look closely at first-lines (E.B. White was a master of this) for a WOW: Writer’s on Writing Event.

It’s going to be quite the fabulous E.B. White spring here at RAR! 


So today, we’re revisiting an episode from 2017 with children’s book illustrator Melissa Sweet discussing her children’s biography of E.B. White, called Some Writer.

In this episode, you’ll hear: 

  • How each story informs Melissa’s process of creating mixed media illustrations

  • How a family of crafters and makers inspired Melissa to become an artist

  • How Melissa’s research into E.B. White’s work led to the visuals for Some Writer 

Learn more about Sarah Mackenzie:

Mentioned in This Episode:

Books Mentioned in This Episode:

Charlotte’s Web

Stuart Little 

The Trumpet of the Swan

Some Writer

A Boy, A Mouse, and a Spider

The Baby Bear Series

The Pinky and Rex Series

The Boy Who Drew Birds

Brave Girl

Balloons Over Broadway

A Splash of Red

You Nest Here with Me

The Right Word

A River of Words

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(Fixed!) Bonus: Join us for an E.B. White Spring

(Fixed!) Bonus: Join us for an E.B. White Spring

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