DiscoverJAYSON WALLER UNLEASHED#02: Unleashing Mentorship, Authenticity, and Growth with Jen Gottlieb
#02: Unleashing Mentorship, Authenticity, and Growth with Jen Gottlieb

#02: Unleashing Mentorship, Authenticity, and Growth with Jen Gottlieb

Update: 2023-08-15



In this episode of "Jayson Waller Unleashed," Jayson talks with Jen Gottlieb about the powerful impact of mentors and coaches. They discuss the role of authenticity and personal growth, highlighting how mentors help us uncover blind spots and reach our goals. Jen shares her journey from therapy to coaching, emphasizing positivity and public speaking. The conversation also touches on intriguing topics like recent alien discussions and even a playful hypothetical fight between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. Tune in for insights on growth, communication, and curiosity!

Jen Gottlieb is a famous motivational speaker and co-founder of Super Connector Media. Her company helps business owners build strong brands, and she guides entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. Through events, online courses, and mentoring, she's supported over 20,000 professionals in the past two years. Jen is a top speaker, sharing stages with celebrities, and her upbeat personality makes her a dynamic presenter. Her first book was released in October 2023, aiming to help people unlock their unique potential.


  • The impact of mentors on success and personal growth
  • Jen’s personal stories about authenticity and self-discovery with mentorship
  • Transition from therapy to coaching and its transformative effect
  • The importance of maintaining a positive outlook for personal development
  • The method of improving public speaking skills through regular Instagram Live sessions
  • Jen's unique perspective on recent alien discussions


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BAM- Business and Mindset specializes in business and personal mindset coaching.

This will help you achieve success at a high level and keep your mindset right. Jayson Waller has built 4 companies from the ground up with 3 worth tens of millions of dollars and his latest was worth over 1 Billion dollars and was set to go public. Jayson has a proven track record in Scaling, Marketing, Branding, and growing Sales in multiple businesses all while maintaining a Positive and Healthy Mindset.

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Business and Money, formerly True Underdog is a Top 3 Entrepreneurship podcast on Apple hosted by Jayson Waller, Former CEO of POWERHOME Solar, one of the fastest-growing private companies in the USA, and his high-profile guests share motivational tips, inspiring stories, and business-building lessons to help each listener grow in their entrepreneurial journey.


  • 00:00 : Prelude
  • 01:13 : Introduction to Jen Gottlieb
  • 02:38 : What listeners can expect in Jen’s book
  • 04:54 : How long did it take Jen to come up with the cover?
  • 08:15 : Being a struggling actress in New York City
  • 09:39 : The audition for a TV show about heavy metal music
  • 12:16 : The important lesson Jen learned
  • 15:11 : Getting out of alignment with yourself
  • 21:24 : Who Jen looked up to when she started speaking and what made her start speaking
  • 24:13 : How important is it to have a coach?
  • 28:44 : The power of speaking
  • 31:13 : How to become a better speaker
  • 37:05 : How does Jen feel about aliens?
  • 38:38 : - Aliens are angels of God
  • 42:56 : How to connect with Jen
  • 43:37 - END

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#02: Unleashing Mentorship, Authenticity, and Growth with Jen Gottlieb

#02: Unleashing Mentorship, Authenticity, and Growth with Jen Gottlieb

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