DiscoverJAYSON WALLER UNLEASHED#10: Mastering Emotions for a Better Life with Jayson Waller
#10: Mastering Emotions for a Better Life with Jayson Waller

#10: Mastering Emotions for a Better Life with Jayson Waller

Update: 2023-09-121


In today's episode of "Jayson Waller Unleashed", Jayson discusses how our emotions can impact our actions and relationships. He shares a personal story about an argument with his daughter and acknowledges that nobody is perfect at managing emotions. He emphasizes the need to control our emotions, maintain a positive mindset during tough times, and support others' success instead of being negative due to insecurity. Ultimately, he encourages us to take responsibility for our actions, stay positive, and use our emotions for personal growth and better lives. 

Don’t miss out and tune in to this episode to unlock your emotional potential!


  • Impact of emotions on actions and relationships

  • Acceptance of emotional imperfections

  • Controlling emotions and resisting external influence

  • Battling depression with a positive mindset

  • Fostering support and positivity

  • Embracing personal growth and resilience

  • Real-life insights into positivity's power

  • Addressing global clean water issues

  • The central message: Believe, stay resilient, and conquer challenges


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This will help you achieve success at a high level and keep your mindset right. Jayson Waller has built 4 companies from the ground up with 3 worth tens of millions of dollars and his latest was worth over 1 Billion dollars and was set to go public. Jayson has a proven track record in Scaling, Marketing, Branding, and growing Sales in multiple businesses all while maintaining a Positive and Healthy Mindset.

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Business and Money, formerly True Underdog is a Top 3 Entrepreneurship podcast on Apple hosted by Jayson Waller, Former CEO of POWERHOME Solar, one of the fastest-growing private companies in the USA, and his high-profile guests share motivational tips, inspiring stories, and business-building lessons to help each listener grow in their entrepreneurial journey.


  • 00:00 : Prelude

  • 01:13 : Introduction to the new episode

  • 02:33 : Life and emotion and how it affect us

  • 04:54 : Arguing is like being at war

  • 07:08 : Being depressed when the company closed

  • 08:34 : How to deal with depression

  • 11:49 : Believe in yourself and have confidence

  • 14:14 : Why hate? We're all in this together

  • 16:46 : Quit fucking blaming people

  • 18:22 : Being the best at everything you do

  • 20:24 : You have to think good thoughts about yourself

  • 22:10 : Is there a moment where you feel less about yourself?

  • 22:57 : Saving the planet with water

  • 24:27 : Story of joining a Facebook group

  • 27:14 : Let your emotions control your life

  • 28:52 : Answering people’s questions about Generac 

  • 31:05 : Stay positive. Stay focused

  • 31:23 : END

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#10: Mastering Emotions for a Better Life with Jayson Waller

#10: Mastering Emotions for a Better Life with Jayson Waller

Jayson Waller