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15 of 15: Next in the Investigation

15 of 15: Next in the Investigation

Update: 2023-03-0915


In the season one finale of Darlene Hulse’s case, we lay out next steps for officials, fill you in on three other loose ends we’re continuing to work, and ask you to do your part to get justice for Darlene.  

Click HERE to sign the petition and demand justice for Darlene Hulse.

If you believe you have information about Darlene Hulse’s 1984 abduction and murder in Argos, Indiana, please email

To view information and photos referenced in this episode, visit

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Comments (13)


I feel like someone should look into Nelson. I think Marie’s description sketch looks a LOT like Nelson in the photograph of him at the table and the mic. Episode 8. The way he acts towards the family is bizarre. Like why? Why act like this if you’re trying to solve a case. Maybe Nelson had ties to the marijuana farm. And that BUS! Something is connected there.

Jun 2nd

Neha Mahnoor Patillo

ugh Nelson just wtf

Mar 22nd

Sharon Hope-Birkes

I signed this petition!

Mar 19th

britney tears

Lawd, I can't breathe over here. Hearing how loving Darlene was with her girls and their sweet lil voices took it over the edge for me. No one deserved this and I pray there will be answers soon💞✨

Mar 19th

Krista Cobb Grahl

just listened as I was getting out of the shower, stood there bawling my eyes out. Nelson, you need to listen to those recordings when the girls were little, and then still say "no".

Mar 16th

Melissa Seddon

imagine having a person like nelson standing in the way of the answer to your mother's murder, the torment this family must go through. 🥺

Mar 15th

melissa linae

Oh my goodness, that last episode made me ball my eyes out. I hope this family is able to get answers and closure soon! Thank you for all the hard work Ashley and Emily!

Mar 14th
Reply (2)

Lynn Van Devander

This last episode got me.😔 It's horrible to think these types of animals live among us. They don't deserve to walk this earth. Im glad to hear the happiness her daughters still have in spite of everything they went through. ❤️

Mar 11th

Brandy Coulter

Currently sitting in the school pick-up line and the ending of this episode took me out 😭 when Ashley said "we can't play any of this" and then she proceeded to put it in the episode 💔😭😭 hoping and praying for her family 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 let them get the answers they deserve 💔

Mar 10th

Trice Breanne

this last episode was quite the tear jerker. I hope they find the closer they're seeking.

Mar 10th


Omg… I lost it when you said how now they covet the audio for her voice now 😭

Mar 10th
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15 of 15: Next in the Investigation

15 of 15: Next in the Investigation