DiscoverBlack History Buff Podcast17: Brother Jourdan's Response
17: Brother Jourdan's Response

17: Brother Jourdan's Response

Update: 2019-06-25


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Show Notes: 

Todays episode features a scathing response to possibly the most Ill advised “take me back” letter ever and some wisdom from an ancient African proverb.

Every so often, when I’m browsing the internet I’ll come across something that for some reason stops me dead in my tracks. Recently it was an image. 

The picture was of a sober looking dark skinned, middle aged  Blackman, sporting a very full very fine beard. He had the kind of look on his face that your grandfather gives you right before asking you to “pick your own punishment” or to “go get the belt”. Children of all colours and cultures call it “The look” and it means that patience is wearing thin.

The stern face in the picture belonged to a formerly enslaved man named Jourdan Anderson. Who lived during the 19th century. Very little is known about his life other, than that he was taken from his parents as a boy and sold in to a life of slavery.  We know that he was born sometime around December 1825, and somewhere in Tennessee, and that he was “sold” to a General Paulding Anderson, who then “gifted” and I say that through gritted teeth, Jourdan, to his son Patrick Henry Anderson, who went by his middle name, Henry. 

We know that he married Amanda McGregor in 1848 and that the couple may have eventually had around 11 children and we know that in 1864 when Union troops camped out on the plantation where Anderson had been forced to labour for his entire life, that he, his family and possibly 32 other enslaved people were all freed due to President Lincon’s 1863 emancipation proclamation. This mass exodus broke the back of the plantation and ruined the finances of Patrick Henry Anderson, Jourdans former owner. 

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17: Brother Jourdan's Response

17: Brother Jourdan's Response

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