DiscoverWell Balanced2 signs of burnout (that you shouldn't overlook)
2 signs of burnout (that you shouldn't overlook)

2 signs of burnout (that you shouldn't overlook)

Update: 2023-02-27


Ofosu and Leah talk with certified coach and clinician María-Victoria Albina about the signs and symptoms of workaholism and what we can do to break the cycle of burnout. They also discuss how to incorporate more intention throughout your workday to help alleviate stress.

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📚 More about María-Victoria: María-Victoria is a trained Nurse Practitioner and Master Certified Life Coach. Her mission is for her clients to stop feeling anxious, exhausted, and overwhelmed, so they can have better relationships with their partners, parents, and themselves. You can learn more about her work here:

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🎧 What's in this episode:

  • (00:00 ) Leah's experience as a workaholic

  • (01:28 ) Meeting María-Victoria Albina

  • (02:04 ) Ofosu's experience of workaholism as a child of immigrants

  • (02:53 ) How to identify when you're working too much

  • (04:23 ) Why it's not you (it's your nervous system)

  • (06:55 ) The symptoms of overworking

  • (08:18 ) How to incorporate mindfulness and choicefulness throughout your workday

  • (09:56 ) Being a working parent

  • (11:22 ) Accepting the circumstances of your life

  • (12:52 ) Ask yourself: "What you need?"

  • (15:34 ) Tips to transforming your habits

  • (20:16 ) What's giving María-Victoria life right now

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2 signs of burnout (that you shouldn't overlook)

2 signs of burnout (that you shouldn't overlook)