282: The Boys are Back

282: The Boys are Back

Update: 2023-03-091


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The boys are BACK! They share their thoughts on The Last of Us, Noel’s Australian leg of tour, the effects of jet lag and why all cannibals can be considered a munch. Plus, hilarious AI deep fakes and its newfound ability to read our minds. 

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0:00 Candy Penis

0:31 Intro

1:37 Candied Penis

2:46 Crazy Fever

4:00 Jetlagged MF

4:58 Australian Texas

6:35 Australian Geography

7:34 Last of Us Spoilers

9:37 The Ear Connection

10:39 BetterHelp

12:38 Cannibal Pedophille

16:07 Mom??

17:22 Cannibal Blood Lust

18:03 Venison Ears

19:50 Annoying is good?

22:16 SeatGeek

23:53 Joel Miller (is hot)

24:28 Australian Time Change

25:45 Wahlid’s Livestream Recap

27:20 Cucking for Killy 

30:03 Hustle Culture Cannibalism

31:47 Armie Hammer is Still a Cannibal

35:52 ZocDoc

37:26 Tai Lopez Bankrupt

39:44 Farmers Cart Pyramid Scheme

41:50 Munch Everything

44:31 Checking in with Tai Lopez

46:05 Cody’s Crypto Advice

47:18 Overnight Deep Fakes 

50:05 Ai Reads Minds

52:12 Capped Profits Economics

56:17 New (PC) Box

58:33 Cable Economic Margins

1:03:41 Noel’s PC Glow Up

1:06:44 Pitbull Memes








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282: The Boys are Back

282: The Boys are Back

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