DiscoverReal Estate Rookie289: $11,000/Month with One VERY Unique Rental Property w/Garrett Brown
289: $11,000/Month with One VERY Unique Rental Property w/Garrett Brown

289: $11,000/Month with One VERY Unique Rental Property w/Garrett Brown

Update: 2023-05-242


glamping site might sound like a fun real estate investment idea, but how feasible is it? Does it offer enough cash flow potential as a short-term rental property? How do you get a building permit for a unique structure like a geodesic dome!? Today’s guest managed to launch the very first glamping site in his area and make some killer cash flow, but not without jumping a few hurdles along the way.

In this edition of the Real Estate Rookie podcast, we pick the brain of award-winning music producer Garrett Brown, who first decided to get into real estate because of the schedule flexibility it offered. After starting out as a realtor and spending time around investors, Garrett’s eyes were quickly opened to the huge earning potential of investing in real estate. Using the capital he generated from a house flip, Garrett was able to get into the short-term rental space—combining his newfound passion for real estate with his background in hospitality. Today, he talks about his most recent acquisition—a three-door glamping site sandwiched between two regional attractions outside Houston, Texas.

If you’re looking to buy your first short-term rental property, you won’t want to miss out on all that Garrett, Ashley, and Tony unpack in this episode! They’ll discuss their favorite ways to estimate rehab costs, how to find the perfect market for your short-term rental, and the importance of delivering a first-class guest experience as an Airbnb host!

In This Episode We Cover

Garrett’s massive cash flow on a unique “dome” vacation rental 

Several creative ways to estimate rehab costs for a house flip

Finding the perfect market for a short-term rental property

Important hospitality tips that will make you a top short-term rental host

Glamping sites, geodesic domes, and other unique short-term rental ideas!

How to underwrite unique properties (and get your county to give you a permit!)

And So Much More!

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The Book on Estimating Rehab Costs by J Scott

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289: $11,000/Month with One VERY Unique Rental Property w/Garrett Brown

289: $11,000/Month with One VERY Unique Rental Property w/Garrett Brown