DiscoverThe Tiny Meat Gang Podcast303: Djustice for Djembe
303: Djustice for Djembe

303: Djustice for Djembe

Update: 2023-08-03


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This episode was filmed before the SAG strike began. We stand in solidarity with SAG-AFTRA.

Cody and Noel  share why all djs are capable of flying a plane, reminisce on Cody’s childhood bongo set and take turns farting on mic. Plus, the story of a man’s first time jacking off in ten years and their take on pickleball propaganda. 

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Hosted by Cody Ko & Noel Miller, Created by TMG Studios, Cody Ko & Noel Miller, and Produced by TMG Studios, Cody Ko & Noel Miller. 

0:00 Noel’s Detox

0:54 Intro

1:59 Introducing The Podcast Bongo 

4:16 Cody’s Musical Outlet

8:00 Cody’s Gone Hiking

10:07 Pregaming Mount Everest

11:18 Liquid Death

13:10 The Vegans of Athletes 

14:24 Landing A Plane Is EASY

16:40 Apple TV’s Cringe-y Dialogue 

18:37 Jacking Off In First Class

20:32 Enlarged and Enraged 

27:25 Sundays Food for Dogs

28:58 Workshopping Bits

29:54 Hijack’s Plot

30:43 A Dude’s Sick Fantasy 

31:09 Idris Elba’s Plane DJ Set

32:09 Idris Is The Best

33:34 Idris and Ne-Yo Enter The Villa

35:00 British People Are Lagging

36:16 It’s A Rim Job Summer 

36:59 Headphone Users Warning

38:00 Taking Over The Vegas Sphere

39:46 The Sphere Is Sick

40:55 Cody’s Boob Show

41:57 Cirque Du Soleil’s Bug Show

43:48 The Boob Show Reprise

44:39 Peaky Blinders Is Cringe

47:48 Pickleball Propaganda 

49:51 Nukes Aren’t Real Conspiracy 

51:26 Plane Lady Conspiracy Theories

53:05 Lizard Person Proof

54:43 Passenger Evidence

57:40 Vertical Jack Off

1:00:03 Is This Seat Open Now? 

1:01:52 Finishing The Bit

1:04:02 Splunking Into The Bonus

1:06:08 Coming Up On The Bone Zone








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303: Djustice for Djembe

303: Djustice for Djembe

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