DiscoverFeel Better, Live More with Dr Rangan Chatterjee#320 The Surprising Truth About Human Nature with Robert Greene
#320 The Surprising Truth About Human Nature with Robert Greene

#320 The Surprising Truth About Human Nature with Robert Greene

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What are the laws or principles that underpin all human behaviour? Today's guest is someone who has spent many years trying to crack the code and answer that very important question. Robert Greene is an American author and speaker best known for his books on power, strategy and seduction. He's authored six international bestsellers, including his very latest, The Laws Of Human Nature.

Trying to understand why people do what they do may sound simple, but it is a highly complex undertaking. Robert has looked at traits such as narcissism, self-absorption, and envy that, I think it’s fair to say, we would describe as negative. But he says that all these impulses – these laws of human nature – can be found in all of us to varying degrees. Coming to terms with that isn’t always easy, but spotting these qualities in ourselves will better enable us to do the same in others.

In fact, Robert takes the view that our ability to understand ourselves and relate to others, is our most important survival tool, because we're all social animals. And by understanding these universal laws of human nature, we will improve our mental resilience, our emotional well-being, we’ll be more successful, and we'll have better relationships.

We talk about so many thought-provoking topics in this conversation, including the need for radical honesty if we're truly going to change ourselves and the dangers of black and white thinking. Robert also shares what he learnt when he suffered from a serious stroke, including why he now meditates for 45 minutes every single morning, and the insights he's gained from doing so.

This is a really powerful conversation that I think is going to have you thinking, questioning, introspecting and reflecting. But ultimately, it's a conversation that will inspire you to take action. I hope you enjoy listening. 

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#320 The Surprising Truth About Human Nature with Robert Greene

#320 The Surprising Truth About Human Nature with Robert Greene