DiscoverTimesuck with Dan Cummins335 - Leopold and Loeb: The Perfect Murder
335 - Leopold and Loeb: The Perfect Murder

335 - Leopold and Loeb: The Perfect Murder

Update: 2023-02-133


What is the the Perfect Murder?  It's what two affluent and academically brilliant young Chicagoans, Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb, wanted to pull off in 1924 when the murdered fourteen-year-old Bobby Franks. WHY did they want to kill anyone? In part, to prove to themselves that were Übermensches after misunderstanding the philosophical nihilism of Nietzsche. They had come to think that they were truly advanced humans. People above the law. And that normal morality didn't apply to him. They couldn't be held liable by the laws of lesser men around them. Except they could! And they would be. They would be caught quickly because while they were extremely academically talented, criminally, they were morons. And then these two morons would have everyone in Chicago and around the nation talking about what they'd done in another so-called "trial of the century." 

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335 - Leopold and Loeb: The Perfect Murder

335 - Leopold and Loeb: The Perfect Murder

Sophie Evans, Dan Cummins