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35: The Benefits of Parent Groups

35: The Benefits of Parent Groups

Update: 2023-03-14


Sometimes, parents just reach that point where they feel like no matter what they do or no matter how much professional help they get, it seems like they’re not getting anywhere. They seem to lose hope even for their child’s mental health.

What parents lack is constant support and encouragement from the people around them that will immensely help them deal with their child and family’s mental health. Luckily, I’m here to help you with that as we discuss in today’s episode the benefits of group coaching in terms of parenting.

Who can I trust to help me?

Let’s face it. There are many programs and advertisements from unqualified health coaches that have no clinical experience that easily sway parents into helping their children with serious mental health issues like anxiety, depression, OCD, ADD, and the like.

If you feel like you’re deep down that rabbit hole and there’s no way out for your child to improve, you can check out our Calm Brain Insider’s Group ( where you can get expert guidance on science-backed solutions to help your child thrive.

We created Calm Brain Insider’s Group for people who buy our Calm PEMF – an FDA-approved device that calms the nervous system and boosts mental and body wellness. It’s great for kids and adults and is truly a great investment for the whole family. You can check out my previous podcast episode regarding PEMF to learn more about what it is. 

What are the benefits of groups?

Being so overwhelmed, parents feel lost and they don’t know what to do next. That’s understandable. By joining parent groups, you can get guidance and support.

In my Natural Parenting Solutions Facebook group, you can get tools or DIYs but I think what helps more is being a part of a group. It’s just great to be in a safe space where you don’t have to worry about explaining yourself every time. They’ll be there to understand you.

Our Group, Calm Brain Insider’s Group, is not a clinical group but we have a team of coaches and clinical professionals. We share our clinical strategies there that serve as natural solutions.

More importantly, the group provides emotional support and practical advice. Most of the cases we’ve encountered are extreme but there are also those that are simple everyday behaviors. And like what my friends always say, “Sometimes, you just need Dr. Ro in your pocket.”

I’m scientific and analytical especially in addressing these behaviors. That’s what we incorporate in our group. We should understand that we’re never really trained to become parents. 

It’s all about having your tribe.

One of the frequently discussed topics in our group is the isolation that comes when you have a child with special needs, mental health issues, or other difficulties. It gets really overwhelming that you go through a range of emotions – embarrassment, sadness, grief or even anxiety. 

That’s why it’s helpful to be in a group because you get encouragement and inspiration from the people around you. Without your tribe, you’re more likely to feel isolated. For me, it’s all about having people with the same energy as you do. Surround yourself with people who will truly accept and love you.

Choose being in a safe space where you’re free to express yourself. In our group, we have modules that are formed organically by what our group wants. We usually organize the topics that we’re going to cover but our priority is to know what people need so we can focus on the actual solutions.

How do I manage these behaviors?

There are people with conditions like OCD, anxiety, depression, PANS, PANDAS, autism, and others that come to us. It doesn’t matter what the diagnosis is. We don’t focus on labels and support people with dysregulated nervous systems.

Understanding people’s conditions is essential in being committed to what we do and provide to parents and other clients. It is because of that understanding that we get to regulate the nervous system and use our Calm PEMF device. We’re committed to natural solutions.

One of the best things about having a group is the fact that there is accountability. We may think we can do things all on our own but in reality, when we get into a group, we get motivated. It makes us want to show up everyday and learn new things.

In fact, research studies show that you’re more likely to be successful and mentally healthy when you’re in a group. If you’re interested to learn more about this, you can check out my blog (

Remember that it’s important to have accountability, partners, and a tribe. Develop a positive growth mindset. Not only will it make your journey easier but also a lot more enjoyable. 

Only those who get our Calm PEMF device are able to be in our Calm Brain Insider’s Group. If you need a lifeline, our group is here moving towards a growth mindset and focusing on the gains. 

We want to make a difference in a family’s life and more particularly, your child’s life. Let us dive into those natural solutions and thrive together!

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35: The Benefits of Parent Groups

35: The Benefits of Parent Groups

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