353 - The Crusades

353 - The Crusades

Update: 2023-06-192


From 1095 to 1291 CE, thousands and thousands of knights, peasants, nobles, soldiers, and more left Europe for the Holy Land around Jerusalem to take land and power away from Muslims, and into Christian hands. Pope Urban II issued a speech in 1095 calling Christian to take up arms and reclaim "Christian" lands. As incentive, he promised salvation for all who died fighting for what he said was God's will.  But was it ever about God's will? Or was it about Pope Urban's will? Were the Crusades ever really about anything celestial? Or were they about man and power?  Were they mostly about the Catholic Church struggling to consolidate power amongst European Christian monarchs and make sure Christian leaders knew who was really in charge? Holy War? Or power grab? Either way, the decree of Pope Urban set much of the western world on a path we are still following today nearly a full 1,000 years later. 

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353 - The Crusades

353 - The Crusades

Dan Cummins, Olivia Lee