355 - Witchcraft!

355 - Witchcraft!

Update: 2023-07-0310


Today we do a deep dive on the history of witchcraft. What is witchcraft? How does it differ from organized religion? Why did burning witches ever become a thing, and do witch hunts still occur in the modern world? Why do so many of us have such a strong and irrational fear of people we just don't understand? Going back to some of the earliest written words of Western Civilization, we learn today that a belief in magic and a fear of those who practice it in ways different than we do has fascinated and frightened humans since the very beginning of civilization.  Fear of "the other" led not only to a fear of "witchcraft," but to massive witch hunts, torture, and thousands of people being burned alive. What "others" do we witch hunt today? All of this and more on what immediately became one of my favorite episodes.  

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355 - Witchcraft!

355 - Witchcraft!

dan cummins, Sophie Evans