DiscoverTimesuck with Dan Cummins356 - Jerry Brudos: The Shoe Fetish Slayer
356 - Jerry Brudos: The Shoe Fetish Slayer

356 - Jerry Brudos: The Shoe Fetish Slayer

Update: 2023-07-106


We got a weird one today! Wow. Jerry Brudos was a serial killer who became completely consumed with sexual fantasies revolving around women's shoes - specifically high heels - and women's undergarments. He wanted women he could control - to dress and pose exactly how he wanted, when he wanted. And if couldn't get them to do that in life, he would use their dead bodies to quench his increasingly kinky desires.  How did he become so singularly focused? Where did his obsession with women's shoes, bras, panties, and more begin?  We take a look at kink, today, and how you can take it way, way too far. 

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The end opinion you gave is extremely sad to hear regarding trans issues. When you said "the trans community wants to have more say over children's lives than their parents.. Says who?". That immediately shows you have not even attempted to look into the issue fairly. There are quite literally laws on the books now in multiple states that allow authorities to remove children from the care of parents if they don't whole heartedly go along with 'gender affirming care' meaning hormone injections and surgeries for minors, things that despite claims are literally irrevirsible and physically harmful to them. Some states even act as santuaries who will refuse to assist in reuniting minors with their parents after running away, unless the parents can demonstrate to the state that they're going to immediabley provide access to that "care". Noy only this but in numerous states, including my home state of NY, you can be criminally charged for 'misgendering' or 'dead-naming' a trans individual, an

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356 - Jerry Brudos: The Shoe Fetish Slayer

356 - Jerry Brudos: The Shoe Fetish Slayer

Dan Cummins, Sophie Evans