367 - Midday Loving

367 - Midday Loving

Update: 2023-01-12


In this episode, the guys compare the mindset between entrepreneur & corporate worker lifestyles. 

30:26 - As an entrepreneur, it’s your responsibility to take care of task with great discipline an execution. 

34:26 - “Don’t overwork yourself leaving no time for you as an entrepreneur. Make a steady schedule that maximizes free time for your work.”

39:50 “As an entrepreneur, you’ve got to push yourself as if someone is holding you accountable.” Think like a boss in regards to actions and scheduling. 

Entrepreneurial Necessities 

  • Set healthy and successful boundaries. 

  • Hire a boss for important task. 

  • Don’t care about peoples opinions. 


1) Is your mindset ready to handle the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur? 

2) Why do you desire an entrepreneurial lifestyle?

3) Can you deliver on the asking price for clients you’re serving?

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367 - Midday Loving

367 - Midday Loving

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