370 - Black Badge Pt.2

370 - Black Badge Pt.2

Update: 2023-02-02


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In this episode, the guys discuss taking advantage of opportunities while embracing your disadvantages with awareness and countering those disadvantages with successful actions. 

“You gain an advantage once you embrace your disadvantages.”

19:45 - “Respect the process!” When you receive small, wins are wins.  Use that momentum to keep moving forward. Remember that success doesn’t happen overnight and that patience is required. 

30:15 - Discuss why embracing where you’re from is vital to your success. “Value what you currently have and build on it by learning more.”

38:50 - “You can live how you want to live and still be a blessing to your community and others.” Continue to develop your character to bless and give back to people coming behind you. 


  • One man’s obedience is connected to many others' destinies. 

  • Little evidence is enough to keep going. Be your reason to keep going, and someone else’s in the process.

  • Double down on what’s working. Evaluate your progress to determine what’s success versus failure. 

  • “Your dream lifestyle isn’t reserved for certain people.” Immerse yourself in the work it takes to get there.

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370 - Black Badge Pt.2

370 - Black Badge Pt.2

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