DiscoverSmall Town Murder#373 - In Colder Blood - Murdock, Nebraska
#373 - In Colder Blood - Murdock, Nebraska

#373 - In Colder Blood - Murdock, Nebraska

Update: 2023-03-306


This week, in Murdock, Nebraska, a horrible & bloody scene is discovered, in a rural farmhouse. The victims are pillars of the community, with no known enemies, so police turn their attention to a nephew, who had a minor disagreement with the couple, and they even get a confession. But... was it true? Was any of it true, or is it all made up? And if it isn't true, then there are some sick people out there, that needed to be caught! A very crazy story, that needs to be heard, all the way to the end!!

Along the way, we find out that a "Little Tuggers contest" is something that exists, that not all confessions are created equal, and that everyone involved in a murder is just as responsible as anyone else who is involved in a murder!!

Hosted by James Pietragallo and Jimmie Whisman

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crystal thomas

I love you guys ,but I have to Jimmy is my fa6 I would love to meet you Always remember you srecsronger then you think and you are my men love Crystal malicoat thomas ⁶

Mar 31st
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#373 - In Colder Blood - Murdock, Nebraska

#373 - In Colder Blood - Murdock, Nebraska