DiscoverSmall Town Murder#376 - A Perverted Mind - Vinings, Georgia
#376 - A Perverted Mind - Vinings, Georgia

#376 - A Perverted Mind - Vinings, Georgia

Update: 2023-04-072


This week, in Vinings, Georgia, screams are heard through a small apartment building, leading to several emergency calls being made, including one where the dispatcher can only hear faint moaning. Detectives arrive to find a terribly murdered woman, and a very helpful neighbor. During the investigation, a fire engulfs the building, destroying much of the evidence, except a "sex book" that they think holds the answers. But will a neighbor's curiosity/killer's stupidity lead to the whole thing being solved?

Along the way, we find out that working in the neonatal unit of the hospital doesn't necessarily mean you care about other people, that fires are very noticeable to the people running from them, and the police don't give you all the evidence before they interrogate you!!

Hosted by James Pietragallo and Jimmie Whisman

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Jae Shepard

I was wrong. At over 13 minutes and STILL not on the subject. I'm out.

May 7th
Reply (2)

Jae Shepard

8:33 by the time they SEEM to be starting. Are they all like this? 🤔

May 7th
Reply (2)
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#376 - A Perverted Mind - Vinings, Georgia

#376 - A Perverted Mind - Vinings, Georgia