376 - Sovereign Citizen

376 - Sovereign Citizen

Update: 2023-03-16


In this episode, the guys discuss the importance of having faith, trust, and the right people around you to succeed.

4:30 - “Pain is needed to propel you to greatness.” Embrace the opportunity to learn valuable lessons! Those moments can also be ordained God to get your attention. 

11:30 - “Look at yourself how God views you.” We are precious and honored in God’s eyes. Isaiah 43:4. 

21:20 - “It’s hard to make money when you’re not being authentic.” Embrace your uniqueness that God has created you with! 

38:35 - “If God has brought you through something before, dont question if he can do it again.” Reflect on how God has delivered on promises in your life. Use those moments as reminders & encouragement to trust God.

40:31 - Karl shares his powerful testimony on having faith & trusting God. 

53:15 - “Take control of the situations with the the right mindset”. Listen to God’s faith about your situation, not man’s.

54:20 - “Don’t be scared to hang around people who stretch you to be great!” Iron sharpens iron! 


1) How do you set your mind to work the most efficiently? 

2) Do you embrace the pain amidst your journey?

3) Do people’s opinions have more authority than God’s word in your life?

How To Kill Doubt

  • Taking Action

  • Obedient To The Process

  • Doing The Next Right Thing

  • Take Risk

  • Prayer & Self Affirmations

  • Hanging With The Right People To Enhance Your Vision

  • Believe 

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376 - Sovereign Citizen

376 - Sovereign Citizen

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