403 - Broke Vs Broken

403 - Broke Vs Broken

Update: 2023-09-211


In this episode, the guys discuss how to avoid being broke mentally & spiritually. 

How To Avoid Being “Broke”

  • Caring what others think about you will delay your progress moving forward. Focus on what God thinks about your actions!

  • “Don’t worship your current comfort zone.” Success is on the other side of faith & action. Become comfortable being uncomfortable. 

  • Don’t compromise who you are to do things that will have consequences later. Stay focused on what’s necessary, even if that means missing out on events. 

  • Walk in order with God to reap what you sow in the along the process. 


1) Are you doing what God has called you to do? Have you positioned yourself righteously for God to send a helpmate for you?

2) What sacrifices are you willing to make in order to be successful?


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403 - Broke Vs Broken

403 - Broke Vs Broken

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