DiscoverHAIYAA with Nigel Ng41: Interview With Joshua Weissman
41: Interview With Joshua Weissman

41: Interview With Joshua Weissman

Update: 2022-12-071


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While in Houston Nigel caught up with YouTube chef and all around nice guy Joshua Weissman. They discuss Joshua upbringing and how Nigel can tell he "didn't grow up with money", why Jeffrey Dahmer could have been saved if he was handed a frying pan and Joshua's passion for water.

0:00 - Joshua’s background and the peculiar gift he wanted for his birthday as a kid

7:10 - Why Nigel thinks Jeffrey Dahmer should have been a chef and Nigel’s ideal brothel…

17:07 - Why Joshua feels bad for Jamie Oliver, how Nigel can tell that Joshua didn’t grow up with a lot of money and Nigel reveals how bringing up prenups is seen as taboo.

30:13 - Joshua explains why he is a water connoisseur and Nigel makes his case for why a little segregation is a good thing and will stop white people dying from skin cancer.

43:20 - Why Joshua farts on planes and Nigel thinks a passenger disgruntled by a Joshua fart killed his wife. Also the guys discuss the work ethic culture in the states compared to the UK. 

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41: Interview With Joshua Weissman

41: Interview With Joshua Weissman

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