DiscoverMean Girl42: Are You Cute, Hot, Or Sexy?
42: Are You Cute, Hot, Or Sexy?

42: Are You Cute, Hot, Or Sexy?

Update: 2022-11-14


What makes someone hot, sexy or cute? Is the beauty in the eye of the beholder or is it your personality? We had to call in a guy for this discussion! Next, we talk about how sometimes the best method is no method. Especially in the bedroom ;) and ever think about how intimate eating someone out is… is that just something you skip on the first date? Or first seventeen dates? Nothing says **connection** quite like that. Don’t worry, we talked about connections, too. And last but certainly not least, it’s wedding season (which is now year round) what’s the protocol on plus ones?

00:00- intro
10:00 - are you cute hot or sexy?
15:38- our first guest
24:22 - tip in the bedroom
28:34- going down on a girl
40:20 - immediate connections and slow burns
54:00 Bringing a plus one to a wedding

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42: Are You Cute, Hot, Or Sexy?

42: Are You Cute, Hot, Or Sexy?

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