DiscoverBiggerPockets Money Podcast433: Ramit Sethi Revisited: Spend Like Your Life Depends on It
433: Ramit Sethi Revisited: Spend Like Your Life Depends on It

433: Ramit Sethi Revisited: Spend Like Your Life Depends on It

Update: 2023-07-24


The last time Ramit Sethi was on the show, tears were shed, money fears were exposed, and Mindy was forced to take a hard look at her financial habits. Now, Ramit is back, as we revisit some of the critical moments of Mindy and her husband Carl’s interview on Ramit’s show, I Will Teach You To Be Rich. In this episode, Mindy challenges the FIRE frugality she’s been stuck on for so long and discovers why more money isn’t always a good thing.

If you’ve ever had a money struggle, whether too much or too little in the bank, Ramit is who you should listen to. His advice goes far beyond the regular “save more than you spend, invest the rest” type of advice you constantly hear from frugal podcasters. Instead, Ramit wants you to maximize your happiness and make the most out of life while not struggling to survive. In short, Ramit wants you to live a rich life, not a frugal one.

If you struggle to spend, pinch pennies, or are dead set on reaching FIRE as fast as possible, this episode is for you.Carl, Mindy, and Scott will go over the common misconceptions about money, debunk the “wasteful” spending myth, explain why you should die with zero, and critique the flaws of the FIRE community.

In This Episode We Cover

Why the FIRE movement is wrong and getting rich should NOT be the goal

What to do when you have lots of money but no time to spend it

How to “Die With Zero and enjoy your wealth while you’re still here

The “what if I run out” fear and how to get over the dread of overspending 

Testing your spending and why you NEED to book that trip you’ve been thinking of

Building a rich life and how to make the most of it with the money you have

And So Much More!

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433: Ramit Sethi Revisited: Spend Like Your Life Depends on It

433: Ramit Sethi Revisited: Spend Like Your Life Depends on It