DiscoverBiggerPockets Money Podcast434: Financial Astrology for the Star-Skeptical Investor
434: Financial Astrology for the Star-Skeptical Investor

434: Financial Astrology for the Star-Skeptical Investor

Update: 2023-07-26


The views and discussions presented in this podcast are for informational and entertainment purposes only. BiggerPockets does not endorse or promote financial astrology as a reliable method for making investment decisions. Listeners are encouraged to seek advice from qualified financial professionals before making financial choices.

Financial astrology. Yep, it exists. Traders and investors have been using the science behind the stars to predict pricesand market movement for centuries. But is there really a correlation between the planets and your profits? Surprisingly, yes. Certain planets have been known to negatively affect how markets perform, giving investors an upper hand on when to get in (and out) of an asset. So, how do you start making out-of-this-world investments? Learn from Susan Gidel!

With decades of experience as a journalist and marketing executive working for trading publications, Susan’s life revolved around the market. After years of working with successful investors and stock traders, she started to see patterns in price movement that conveniently coincided with astrological changes. She dug in deeper, finding that the stars, moons, planets, and signs affect not only the tides but traders too.

Even if you’re an astrological skeptic, Susan brings some surprising stats about stocks, index funds, and the signs. But that’s not all; Susan has reason to believe that a big recession could be headed our way and that real estate investors must pivot their investing strategy to a new type of property. Don’t know what the signs are signaling? Stick around to find out!

In This Episode We Cover

Financial astrology explained and using the signs to predict stock market moves

Why a transition from “earth” to “air” signs means real estate investors MUST pivot 

big recession prediction and how long the bear market will last

Why you should NEVER invest when mercury is in retrograde (and what that even means)

The successful twentieth-century trader who used “natural rhythms” to beat the market 

And So Much More!

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434: Financial Astrology for the Star-Skeptical Investor

434: Financial Astrology for the Star-Skeptical Investor