DiscoverBiggerPockets Money Podcast447: How to Use Your Financial Fears to Build Wealth Better
447: How to Use Your Financial Fears to Build Wealth Better

447: How to Use Your Financial Fears to Build Wealth Better

Update: 2023-09-04


Financial fear is… a good thing!? Fear is an uncomfortable feeling we often try to ignore or suppress. But what if, like other emotions, it exists for a specific purpose? What if following it could help you avoid deathly decisions? Today’s guest is here to set the record straight on this very basic yet misunderstood human emotion we call fear.

Welcome back to the BiggerPockets Money podcast! In this episode, we’re speaking with leading personal finance expert and host of the So Money podcastFarnoosh Torabi. Ahead of the release of her new book, A Healthy State of Panic, we discuss the emotion at its center—one that is so often intertwined with money: fear. There are all kinds of financial fears that cripple people today—the fear of a stock market crash, of losing their job in a recession, or of running out of money in retirement. Farnoosh is here to tell you that fear isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it’s often the catalyst for a brighter financial future.

If you struggle with a particular money-related fear, guess what? You’re in good company! We all deal with fear on some level—especially when our finances are involved. Tune in to hear Farnoosh talk about the nine most common“flavors” of fear that people face. She also discusses practical ways to leverage fear and gain wisdom in return. Finally, she talks about how working through fear can help you practice gratitude in your life!

In This Episode We Cover

Leveraging the fear in your life to glean new financial wisdom

The nine most common “flavors” of financial fear that hold people back

The importance of education in helping you process your financial fears

Confronting fear today to prevent financial loss in the future

How to live “fearlessly” with a healthy amount of fear in your life

Using fear to practice gratitude for what you have

And So Much More!

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447: How to Use Your Financial Fears to Build Wealth Better

447: How to Use Your Financial Fears to Build Wealth Better