DiscoverStrictly Anonymous Confessions686 - Fetish Friday - Bisexual Rachel has a Really Crazy Fetish
686 - Fetish Friday - Bisexual Rachel has a Really Crazy Fetish

686 - Fetish Friday - Bisexual Rachel has a Really Crazy Fetish

Update: 2023-09-08


Rachel has an Omorashi aka “needing to pee” fetish and she called in to talk all about it. What exactly is an Omorashi fetish? When did she first realize she had the fetish? And, wow did she get wired into it? Tune in to hear all the fascinating details including the voiding cystourethrogram procedure she had as a child and how that effected her and how it has has effected other children as well, exactly where she was the first time she realized she was turned on by holding in her pee, the specific things that are part of this fetish for her, how she integrated learning to squirt into her fetish and how that helped to turn her on, the pleasurable physical sensations and the pleasurable psychological feelings she experiences from the fetish and why they’re enjoyable, the online communities she found ad how they have been su[er helpful, how she was upfront about her fetish when she first started dating, how the women she dated reacted the men reacted, how and why she also is turned on by seeing other women holding in her pee, how she hid her fetish from her family when she was younger, how and why her fetish turns her on more than regular sex, how she has brought it up to current long term boyfriend, how he feels about it and how it effects their relationship, how and why she goes online secretly and finds doms to engage with her behind his back, how and why it’s hard for her to talk about her fetish with therapists, how she has a free pass to hook up with other women, the other kinks she has that her boyfriend isn’t into including extreme bdsm, group sex, sex parties and more, the website community she recommends for others who have this fetish plus a whole lot more.

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686 - Fetish Friday - Bisexual Rachel has a Really Crazy Fetish

686 - Fetish Friday - Bisexual Rachel has a Really Crazy Fetish

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