DiscoverThe Sabrina Zohar Show80: Texting in Dating Pt. 2
80: Texting in Dating Pt. 2

80: Texting in Dating Pt. 2

Update: 2024-06-111


Flying solo today for this special episode, Sabrina is talking about texting while dating. Sabrina's personal experience highlights that the anxiety around texting persists even when trying to disconnect, but it's how you handle these feelings that matter. Texting can trigger black-and-white thinking, where unmet expectations validate negative core beliefs, leading to anxiety. Understanding that people have different texting habits and showing up authentically in relationships is crucial. Focusing on overall relationship dynamics is important rather than just texting patterns. Building security and confidence helps alleviate anxiety. Compromise is key, especially when texting habits differ between partners. Effective communication, setting realistic expectations, and addressing concerns with evidence can help manage texting-related anxieties. Ultimately, texting should not be the foundation of a relationship, and flexibility, understanding, and personal growth are essential for healthy interactions.

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80: Texting in Dating Pt. 2

80: Texting in Dating Pt. 2

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