DiscoverAll The Wiser86. In This Prison, No One Dies Alone
86. In This Prison, No One Dies Alone

86. In This Prison, No One Dies Alone

Update: 2023-07-12


At the age of 16, Fernando Murillo was sentenced to life in prison for his crimes. After serving 20 years, he was transferred to California Medical Facility (CMF), a prison that focuses on caring for the elderly and terminally ill, among others. It was there that he first stepped foot into CMF’s hospice unit, the first of its kind in a prison setting.

Initially, Fernando was hesitant to join the peer pastoral care team, but once he committed, the work became transformational. He witnessed the immense gratitude of his dying friends within the community and, at the same time, began to heal and reveal parts of himself that he had never known.

In this inspiring episode, we take a look at how Fernando and others are on a mission to train more incarcerated residents to administer end-of-life palliative care.

In this episode:

  • Fernando as a young boy growing up.
  • How this opportunity allowed him to heal from his past.
  • Fernando’s new identity in the world.
  • Fears that exist when beginning to form personal relationships. 
  • His hopes and dreams as a free man creating change in the world.

Links & Resources:

Charity: Humane Prison Hospice Project

New York Times Article: The Prisoners Who Care For The Dying And Get Another Chance At Life

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86. In This Prison, No One Dies Alone

86. In This Prison, No One Dies Alone

Kimi Culp