DiscoverThe Queer Family PodcastA Lesbian Surrogacy Story
A Lesbian Surrogacy Story

A Lesbian Surrogacy Story

Update: 2024-04-29


Grier and her wife Alana created their family through surrogacy after fertility treatments wreaked havoc on Grier’s mental health and it became clear that carrying a child in either one of their wombs was not an option. She discusses the challenges and shame that can come with not being able to conceive and the importance of breaking down taboos surrounding different ways of creating a family. The conversation also touches on the non-biological connection in queer families, the decision to use an anonymous sperm donor, and the complexities of navigating societal expectations and assumptions. This conversation emphasizes the importance of normalizing different paths to parenthood and supporting individuals in making the best choices for their own well-being. 

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🏳️‍🌈Key Takeaways:🏳️‍🌈 

  • Breaking down taboos surrounding different ways of creating a family is important
  • The non-biological connection in queer families can be a complex and nuanced topic
  • Choosing an anonymous sperm donor can alleviate concerns about emotional attachment
  • Navigating societal expectations and assumptions can be challenging for queer parents Surrogacy can be a valid and empowering choice for individuals who do not want to carry their own child.
  • Mental health should be prioritized when making decisions about family planning.
  • It is important to normalize and support different paths to parenthood.
  • Open and honest conversations about difficult topics can provide support and validation for others going through similar experiences.


  • “She didn't want to carry. It was as simple as that.” Grier
  • "I wanted to be the best mother possible. And for me to do that I needed to spend the next year getting my mental health back." Grier
  • "Talk about hard things with your friends.” Grier

🏳️‍🌈About The Guest(s)🏳️‍🌈

Grier, formerly a model agent, opens up about her struggles with mental health, the pressures of societal norms, and the complex decision to pursue surrogacy. She and her wife Alana navigated the challenging waters of creating a family as a queer couple, ultimately choosing a path that ensured their well-being and the love they could share with their child.

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A Lesbian Surrogacy Story

A Lesbian Surrogacy Story

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