DiscoverAll The WiserA Little Wiser: How Do You Cope With Trauma?
A Little Wiser: How Do You Cope With Trauma?

A Little Wiser: How Do You Cope With Trauma?

Update: 2023-10-251


Kimi and Tara reflect on last week's episode featuring Kara Robinson Chamberlain, who was held captive for 18 hours at the age of 15 and managed to escape. They discuss Kara's remarkable ability to regulate her kidnappers' emotions and gather information, all while enduring a highly traumatic situation. 

In the aftermath of the trauma, Kara spent decades suppressing and storing her emotions before beginning the hard work of healing.

Tara shares her personal experience of trauma, highlighting how it can leave a lasting impact on one's body over the years.

Kara openly discussed the expectations others placed on her after her abduction, including how she should feel and what she could or could not handle. Her story serves as a reminder of how crucial it is for law enforcement and related agencies to support survivors in reclaiming their autonomy and experiencing a sense of empowerment.

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A Little Wiser: How Do You Cope With Trauma?

A Little Wiser: How Do You Cope With Trauma?

Kimi Culp