A new lease on life!

A new lease on life!

Update: 2023-08-101


Brandi has been in Jackson Hole and was ready to plead her case as to why Tizzle needs to get out there. Before she even needs to, Tish explains that she has a new lease on life and actually does want to be a travel girlie now. A Bryan Adams concert has brought her to life and she’s ready to start living it. Your hosts then dive into a discussion on introverts (Brandi) vs. Extroverts (Tizzle) and the importance of realizing your partner wanting alone time likely has absolutely nothing to do with you. Brandi explains to her mom that she needs to be watching Virgin River like, yesterday. She also talks about the new Sex in the City show and Tish wants to know which girl she is. Y’all sent in some great Dear MTs, including a hybrid Dear MT - High Design - Baked Goods question and requests for Montana recommendations, thinning hair advice, and a little day-in-the-life routine. They finish off with some Baked Goods, and tease a potential full-video episode!! 

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A new lease on life!

A new lease on life!

Brandi and Tish Cyrus