DiscoverThe Changelog: Software Development, Open SourceANTHOLOGY - Wasm, efficient code review & the industrial metaverse
ANTHOLOGY - Wasm, efficient code review & the industrial metaverse

ANTHOLOGY - Wasm, efficient code review & the industrial metaverse

Update: 2022-12-02


This week we’re back at All Things Open 2022 covering the hallway track. Up first is Shivay Lamba and he’s schooling us on all things server-side WASM. It’s the new hotness. After that, we talk with Yishai Beeri, CTO of LinearB about the world of code review, PR queues, AI developers, and making human developers more efficient, and happier. And last, we talk with Guy Martin from NVIDIA about what’s going on in the Industrial Metaverse. He shares details about an open source project developed by Pixar called Universal Scene Description (USD) and what they’re doing with NVIDIA Omniverse.

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(00:00 ) - This week on The Changelog
(01:15 ) - Sponsor:
(03:28 ) - Start the show!
(04:12 ) - What is WebAssembly?
(05:48 ) - Why Wasm makes sense server-side
(06:40 ) - What's the tech under Wasm?
(07:44 ) - How did Wasm escape the browser?
(09:30 ) - Wasm was the central talking point at KubeCon
(10:43 ) - What would a Docker powered Wasm look like?
(12:12 ) - Wasm on the edge
(14:26 ) - Has Wasm in the browser ever delivered its promises?
(16:55 ) - Where can we learn more?
(18:54 ) - Sponsor: Sourcegraph
(21:17 ) - Welcome Yishai Beeri from LinearB
(22:11 ) - What's holding devs back?
(24:10 ) - What's the point of code review?
(25:32 ) - Should all PRs require a code review?
(27:29 ) - What about stacked diffs?
(29:03 ) - What if there is no human?
(32:51 ) - What can we do to make code review more efficient?
(35:02 ) - The code review is done. Are we done?
(35:56 ) - Is this a good summary of LinearB?
(37:01 ) - What happens when AI does all code reviews?
(39:04 ) - Cancel code review.
(41:37 ) - Sponsor: Honeycomb
(43:03 ) - Welcome Guy Martin from NVIDIA
(43:51 ) - USD came out of Pixar
(45:39 ) - Balancing the challenges of open source
(47:02 ) - What is USD?
(48:12 ) - What NVIDIA Omniverse is built for
(48:43 ) - Imagine simulating a full factory
(51:06 ) - Metaverse is a hype term
(51:24 ) - Industrial Metaverse is going to be as important as their gaming stuff
(52:52 ) - The Holodeck for AI and observable
(54:24 ) - When do we get in this thing?
(55:24 ) - Outro

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ANTHOLOGY - Wasm, efficient code review & the industrial metaverse

ANTHOLOGY - Wasm, efficient code review & the industrial metaverse

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