DiscoverWell BalancedAging joyfully with "Mama" Ayesha Ali
Aging joyfully with "Mama" Ayesha Ali

Aging joyfully with "Mama" Ayesha Ali

Update: 2023-02-20


Ofosu and Leah talk with Ofosu's mentor and teacher Ayesha Ali about her deliberate choice to pursue joy in the midst of growing older and going through difficult times. She shares her wisdom about how to embrace aging and feel more empowered from within, including the role meditation has played in shaping her perspective.

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📚 More about Ayesha:

Ayesha Ali is a teacher, poet, writer, and performer. She is the co-founder of Heart Refuge, a volunteer-run mindfulness community dedicated to cultivating love, courage, and healing for people of color and all orientations in Washington, D.C. She also teaches BIPOC, Queer, and Heartwidth groups at Insight Meditation Community of Washington.You can learn more about Heart Refuge here:

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🎧 What’s in this episode:

  • (00:00 ) Meet Ayesha Ali

  • (02:45 ) Choosing to cultivate joy

  • (05:28 ) Moving to your "baby self"

  • (06:49 ) How Ayesha has embraced aging

  • (09:28 ) The role meditation plays in Ayesha's life

  • (14:02 ) More about Heart Refuge

  • (15:32 ) What's giving Ayesha Ali life right now

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Aging joyfully with "Mama" Ayesha Ali

Aging joyfully with "Mama" Ayesha Ali