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Always pursue your dreams.

Always pursue your dreams.

Update: 2021-04-05


No April fools joke here...on this, the fifth day of Passover, we meet Eric’s last day as an official co-host. He will be moving on to full-time independent writing projects. 

Turns out Eric was literally a sailor as a young man. Remember how some of your mothers used to dress you up in cute little sailor suits as toddlers? Eric’s family took it to another level and shipped his ass off to a naval summer camp in landlocked Indiana. Don’t believe us? We have photographic proof. Jay points out that the picture looks like one of those propaganda war bond ads from the 50s. Humiliating? Absolutely.

Appropriately, Eric was a terrible sailor and sunk several boats that had to be fished from the bottom of that lake. A lake filled by the way with gar. One of the most terrifying-looking fish on Earth. Look them up. The conversation turns to some other terrifying wonders of the sea including goblin sharks. Why were these made? What is their purpose? May you never fall deep enough into the ocean to find out.

Multiple Jewish stereotypes are bantered about, solely by Eric (for the record) and then the two co-hosts discuss lessons learned during time together on the show. Jay explains how their dark humor and self-effacing comedy were a gateway for him to work through image and body dysmorphia issues from childhood.   The goal of bridging societal divides in a judgment-free zone has most certainly been achieved and will continue to be focused on hard by Jay. And candor and humor (sound like He-Man characters right?) will always be used to get the point across.

Eric discusses how he has always wanted to pursue writing as it has always been his passion.   What is your passion?  The TTA takes the stance that you can obtain it through being your authentic self.  If you approach life by avoiding the negative self-talk or the societal forced limitations you can foster that talent or passion as it is clear what you are naturally designed to do.   Societal norms and pressures prevent us from reaching our full potential.   When fight your authentic natural self is you  trap your creativity in a cage.  Without the ability to express your natural passion and talent you slowly breakdown your heart and soul.  

So Eric bids the podcast shalom but looks forward to seeing and hearing from all of you Academics in the future. On a serious note: Schlemiel, schlemazel hasenpfeffer incorporated.

PS I’m really only HALF Jewish...which IS a thing.

Episode 71 wraps up the TTA's freshman year.  See you next week for our sophomore year! 

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Always pursue your dreams.

Always pursue your dreams.

Jay, Eric