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American Airlines Assault...

American Airlines Assault...

Update: 2023-01-23


Saturday night, my family & I arrived on an American Airlines flight home to LA from Cancun. Upon landing the plane, a grown man stuck my step-mother, not once but twice before trying to run off the plane. She wasn’t exiting fast enough for him.

We called out for the staff and tried to prevent the man from exiting. They did nothing to stop him and watched him exit the plane. We called for security, and one staffer said, “There’s nothing I can do.”

When we tried to block him from exiting the hallway into the airport, he then engaged in a physical altercation with my 18 year old sister. Again, the AA did nothing to help detain or restrain the man. 

My sister had bite marks, scratches, and bruises caused by the man and the woman with him. We had to continue to search for support before he and the woman with him were detained. 

When asked to provide statements by officers, AA staffers said they witnessed nothing and had no statements to give. 

Ultimately, we made it home safely and worked with law enforcement to resolve the matter. The issue now lies with AA, their lack of response and their lack of ability to protect their passengers. 

No man should ever put his hands on a woman. And no women, let alone an 18 year old girl, should be allowed to have a situation escalate to this level. 

I’m grateful to law enforcement & paramedics, who all handled the matter with grace, understanding, and compassion. The AA staff, not so much. I’m still waiting for your solution. No family should ever experience something like this on your flights. If this is your policy, it’s time we change that.

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American Airlines Assault...

American Airlines Assault...

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