DiscoverThe SqueezeAmy Loughern: The Real Good Nurse
Amy Loughern: The Real Good Nurse

Amy Loughern: The Real Good Nurse

Update: 2024-05-08


In this week’s episode, the Lautners are joined by Amy Loughern as she shares the shocking story of her discovery that her closest friend, Charlie Cullen, was a serial killer. Amy begins by walking us through the history of her friendship with Charlie, then uncovers how she came to the horrifying realization that he was murdering hundreds of his own patients. She recounts working with authorities to bring Charlie to justice, then goes into how her mental health suffered while navigating the grief and betrayal she felt from her best friend. Amy shares how five different hospitals turned a blind eye to Charlie's crimes, exposing the systemic failures that allowed these crimes to occur. She then opens up about her ongoing healing journey, utilizing tools such as energy healing, holistic modalities, quantum jumping, meditation, labyrinths, and hypnosis. Amy offers invaluable advice to new nurses working in the field and discusses the work she’s doing with The MIP (Most Important Patient) Foundation, where they hold conferences and provide tools, resources, and support for healthcare workers!

Be sure to follow Amy @amythegoodnurse and check out The MIP (Most Important Patient) Foundation!

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Amy Loughern: The Real Good Nurse

Amy Loughern: The Real Good Nurse