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Best of The Weekly Planet 2022

Best of The Weekly Planet 2022

Update: 2023-01-01


Happy New Years everybody and welcome to 2023! Lets celebrate this by immediately looking back at 2022, specifically the best moments from The Weekly Planet podcast. All your favourites are here! Little James! El Muerto! Sad Mario and more! Of course if you've never listened to the show before this is going to be absolutely inpenetrable. But regardless, huge thanks to Raw Collings for putting together this over three hour edit, the amount of effort he puts into this is astounding. Thanks you everyone for the support and we'll see you on January 23 with new episodes.

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Full episode guide available here:

00:00 The Start

03:26 Goated with the Sauce

07:29 The El Muerto Script

13:41 Blade Runner Babies

17:30 Sad Mario & Echidna Sandwich

21:00 Tom Holland's James Bond Pitch

27:05 Star Wars News (Rude Obi-Wan)

44:24 Some Hot Quick News

1:02:16 Marvel News & Reviews

1:41:40 DC News & Reviews

1:59:10 More Reviews & Topics

2:26:52 What We Reading, What We Gonna Read

2:39:40 Letters, It's Time For Letters

3:12:40 Little James

3:15:51 The End

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Best of The Weekly Planet 2022

Best of The Weekly Planet 2022