DiscoverThe Changelog: Software Development, Open SourceBringing Whisper and LLaMA to the masses
Bringing Whisper and LLaMA to the masses

Bringing Whisper and LLaMA to the masses

Update: 2023-03-22


This week we’re talking with Georgi Gerganov about his work on Whisper.cpp and llama.cpp. Georgi first crossed our radar with whisper.cpp, his port of OpenAI’s Whisper model in C and C++. Whisper is a speech recognition model enabling audio transcription and translation. Something we’re paying close attention to here at Changelog, for obvious reasons. Between the invite and the show’s recording, he had a new hit project on his hands: llama.cpp. This is a port of Facebook’s LLaMA model in C and C++. Whisper.cpp made a splash, but llama.cpp is growing in GitHub stars faster than Stable Diffusion did, which was a rocket ship itself.

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Show Notes:

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(00:00 ) - This week on The Changelog
(01:20 ) - Sponsor: Postman
(04:09 ) - Start the show!
(12:03 ) - Why is Whisper interesting to us?
(17:04 ) - What's involved in making a port?
(22:55 ) - Sponsor: Sentry
(24:51 ) - One layer deeper
(27:57 ) - Examples of Whisper.cpp
(31:49 ) - Whisper.cpp and speaker detection
(39:25 ) - What did you learn about Apple Silicon?
(42:26 ) - Apple's secret M1 coprocessor
(44:56 ) - GPU support on the roadmap
(47:06 ) - Cultivating contributions
(48:49 ) - Ludacris Llama Llama Red Pajama
(52:57 ) - What is Llama.cpp so interesting?
(57:01 ) - What are you going from here?
(58:22 ) - How can this be extended?
(1:01:22 ) - How did you learn this stuff?
(1:08:48 ) - Wrapping up
(1:10:09 ) - Outro

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Bringing Whisper and LLaMA to the masses

Bringing Whisper and LLaMA to the masses

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