DiscoverCasefile True CrimeCase 268: Colleen Stan (Part 1)
Case 268: Colleen Stan (Part 1)

Case 268: Colleen Stan (Part 1)

Update: 2023-11-1860


*** Content warning: Extreme sexual violence, captivity ***

[Part 1 of 2]

When Colleen Stan’s family received an unexpected phone call from Colleen in June 1980, they were stunned. No one had seen or spoken to Colleen since she hitched a ride to California from her home in Oregon three years earlier. Colleen assured her family that all was well, but they could tell something wasn’t right. What exactly was Colleen Stan trying to hide?


Narration – Anonymous Host

Research & writing – Milly Raso

Research – Jessica Forsayeth

Creative direction – Milly Raso

Production and music – Mike Migas

Music – Andrew D.B. Joslyn

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Comments (12)

Bijal 07

This was a tough listen!

Feb 23rd

juana Witmore

I just listened to the latest episode of "Casefile True Crime," focusing on Colleen Stan (Part 1), and I must say it was both gripping and chilling. The storytelling was incredibly detailed, providing a comprehensive overview of the case. The host's narration skillfully set the scene, and the use of interviews and archival audio added a layer of authenticity that kept me hooked throughout. The case itself is haunting, and the way it's presented underscores the complexities and intricacies involved. I appreciated how the podcast delved into the psychological aspects, shedding light on the motivations and mindsets of those involved. It's a testament to the thorough research and dedication put into crafting each episode.

Nov 30th
Reply (1)

Ann Offer

Out of all the cases I have listened to? this one has affected me the most. My heart goes out to the poor woman. I hope the tournaments rot in hell.

Nov 29th

Anne Kastanis

This is the first episode that I just couldn't finish. I have listened to accounts of crimes that were more gruesome, but I just couldn't keep listening to this one. I ended up just looking it up on the internet to see how it was resolved.

Nov 25th
Reply (2)


I hope this story ends with that dude and his friends being violently murdered.

Nov 20th

check mate!

unhear juice 🧃 anyone?

Nov 18th
Reply (1)


what an ordeal !!

Nov 18th

lil john

I think they got the distance backward..Riverside is 40 miles from Westwood and 10 hour drive to

Nov 18th
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Case 268: Colleen Stan (Part 1)

Case 268: Colleen Stan (Part 1)

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