DiscoverMommy Labor NurseChrista's Empowering Birth Story
Christa's Empowering Birth Story

Christa's Empowering Birth Story

Update: 2023-09-01


This week on The Mommy Labor Nurse Podcast, I have a very special birth story from my good friend Christa Innis, host of the Mom Talks with Christa Podcast

She is one of my oldest Mommy Labor Nurse friends and she just had her first baby about four months ago. When she reached out to share her story it was an easy yes!

I'm so excited to have her share her very positive and amazing birth story with you in today's episode.

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About Christa Innis

Christa Innis is a dedicated Senior Social Media and Content Manager at Mommy Knows Best and LaVie Mom, deeply committed to empowering mothers on their breastfeeding and postpartum journey. Based in Wisconsin with her husband, she combines her expertise in content creation with her role as a new mom to a 5-month-old, fostering support and positive change within the parenting community.









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Christa's Empowering Birth Story

Christa's Empowering Birth Story

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