Church Bells Sound Machine (12 Hours)

Church Bells Sound Machine (12 Hours)

Update: 2023-02-17


The pealing of church bells creates a feeling of peaceful nostalgia within. The clear, melodic tones transport us to ancient cathedrals, Gothic spires, and visions of a time when life was simple. Bells were the reigning technology of their day, communicating messages far and wide. They called believers to worship, rang out in celebration, and commemorated life events. The tolling of a bell invites us to momentarily pause and breathe, to rest in the moment, and perhaps to express gratitude for our blessings.


🎧 The unique audio for this Sound Machine has been recorded by our good friends, Libby and Marcel, at Free to Use Sounds. We are delighted to use it with their express permission and in partnership.

Libby and Marcel offer an extensive collection of high-quality sound recordings available through the diverse Sound Libraries on their website. Their sonic collection is truly vast and varied, ensuring you'll find just the sound you need.


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Church Bells Sound Machine (12 Hours)

Church Bells Sound Machine (12 Hours)

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