DiscoverBet The BoardCollege Football Week 10 Picks and Predictions
College Football Week 10 Picks and Predictions

College Football Week 10 Picks and Predictions

Update: 2023-11-01


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Week 10 Includes:

▶️ First CFB Playoff Release (2:14 )

▶️ NON-POWERS 5 (2:49 )

▶️ Washington at USC (7:44 )

▶️ LSU at Alabama (22:41 )

▶️ Oklahoma at Oklahoma State (35:22 )

▶️ Missouri at Georgia (49:22 )

▶️ Kansas State at Texas (1:02:05 )

▶️ BEST BET (1:16:39 )

In the latest episode of the Bet the Board podcast, hosts Todd Fuhrman, Brad Powers, and Payne Insider delve into the exciting Week 10 action in college football. The podcast kicks off with a discussion of the first College Football Playoff rankings release, setting the stage for an engaging episode.

The trio begins by dissecting the world of Non-Power 5 teams and their potential against the market. They explore the challenges these teams face and the Cinderella stories that capture the imagination of college football fans.

Next on the docket is the matchup between Washington and USC. The hosts analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each team, offering valuable insights for bettors looking to make informed decisions with two Heisman hopefuls playing.

The LSU vs. Alabama clash takes center stage, with the podcast delving into the historical significance of this rivalry and the implications for the playoff picture. They provide a detailed breakdown of the teams' performances, offering their expert perspectives on the outcome.

Oklahoma and Oklahoma State's face-off is another critical showdown under scrutiny. The hosts evaluate the high-stakes battle and share their predictions on the game's outcome.

Other games discussed include Missouri vs. Georgia and Kansas State vs. Texas, where the guys analyze the key factors and share their best bets for these matchups.

As the podcast draws to a close, the hosts reveal their top "Best Bet" for the week, giving listeners a final nugget of wisdom to consider when wagering on college football. With their deep analysis and expert insights, the Bet the Board podcast remains a must-listen for college football enthusiasts and sports bettors alike.

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College Football Week 10 Picks and Predictions

College Football Week 10 Picks and Predictions