Coming home to GitHub

Coming home to GitHub

Update: 2022-12-09


This week we’re joined by Christina Warren, Senior Developer Advocate at GitHub, and a true tech and pop culture connoisseur. From her days at Mashable covering the intersections of entertainment and technology, to Gizmodo, to Microsoft, and now her current role at GitHub we talk with Christina about her journey from journalist to developer, and the latest happenings coming out of GitHub Universe.

BTW, we’re planning to get Christina on Backstage in the new year to talk about Plex, MakeMKV, and all things that go into hosting your own media server. Drop a commment on this episode with a +1 if you want to see that happen.

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Show Notes:

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(00:00 ) - This week on The Changelog
(01:01 ) - Sponsor: InfluxData
(02:05 ) - Start the show!
(08:22 ) - The start of Christina's journey
(15:55 ) - The state of streaming
(20:14 ) - Adam loves the Apple TV
(25:54 ) - Sponsor: Sentry
(26:33 ) - We have a Mastodon instance -
(28:12 ) - From Mashable to GitHub
(36:20 ) - Fighting for your authenticity
(40:31 ) - What excited Christina at GitHub Universe?
(45:53 ) - Did you have to deal with imposter syndrome?
(53:36 ) - Sponsor: FireHydrant
(54:55 ) - That cool new tech at GitHub
(1:00:05 ) - Mona Sans & Hubot Sans
(1:03:26 ) - Will Codespaces be a daily driver?
(1:13:28 ) - We've been fans forever
(1:15:12 ) - Outro

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Coming home to GitHub

Coming home to GitHub

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