DiscoverAll the Hacks with Chris HutchinsCooking at Home: Delicious Food Made Easy with David Chang
Cooking at Home: Delicious Food Made Easy with David Chang

Cooking at Home: Delicious Food Made Easy with David Chang

Update: 2023-06-281


#122: Culinary icon David Chang joins Chris to explore the wonders of cooking at home and the importance of understanding food science. They discuss the power of the heavily underutilized microwave, debunk myths around its safety and share uncommon things to cook in it. The episode also covers a range of topics from their favorite home cooking techniques to underrated ingredients and spices, using the freezer as a way to preserve food and many other hacks to empower you to become the master of your own kitchen.

David Chang (@davidchang) is the founder of the renowned restaurant group, Momofuku. He also has six James Beard Awards, three NYTimes bestsellers, two podcasts and four original TV series, including his latest: "Secret Chef" on Hulu. After recently having children he's become a passionate advocate for home cooking.

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Resources Mentioned

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David Chang: Instagram | Twitter | Podcast | Majordomo Media

Chef Corey Lee’s Korean Restaurants in San Francisco: San Ho Wan | Benu

Food Connoisseur In Japan: Little Meg

Link To Article About Microwaves Safety Myths

Full Show Notes

(02:33 ) Home Cooking vs. Restaurant Cooking

(04:10 ) How David Got into Cooking at Home

(05:48 ) Importance of Understanding Food Science

(06:30 ) Debunking Old Wisdom about Food

(07:17 ) Microwave Cooking

(08:54 ) The Science Behind Using Microwaves

(11:03 ) An Example of Cooking a Microwave Meal with Anyday

(13:48 ) Uncommon Things to Cook in the Microwave

(15:14 ) Making Pasta in the Microwave

(19:51 ) Figuring Out the Timings on the Microwave

(22:44 ) Myths around Microwave Safety: Plastics & Carcinogens

(23:36 ) Considering Quality and Quantity When Buying Fish

(27:30 ) Frozen Vegetables

(28:52 ) Taste vs. Freshness

(29:53 ) Underrated Ingredients People Should Keep in Their Kitchen

(30:04 ) Cooking with MSG

(31:21 ) David's Search for "Bad Ideas”

(36:12 ) Things David Uses to Add More Flavor to Food

(37:37 ) Using Different Spices

(39:16 ) Using the Freezer as a Way to Preserve and Ensure Quality in Food

(40:06 ) Materials That Are Microwave Safe

(40:50 ) Knowing When to Freeze Things

(41:36 ) Rapid Fire Question: Peeling

(42:36 ) Rapid Fire Question: Washing Fruit

(43:02 ) Rapid Fire Question: Trimming Fat Off Chicken Before Cooking

(43:21 ) Food Hacks for People with Kids

(44:03 ) Making Crepes for Kids

(45:46 ) Experimenting vs. Following a Recipe

(48:29 ) How David Decides What to Eat at a Restaurant

(53:08 ) David's New Hulu Show: Secret Chef

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Cooking at Home: Delicious Food Made Easy with David Chang

Cooking at Home: Delicious Food Made Easy with David Chang

Chris Hutchins