DiscoverThe Tragedy AcademyCrafting Young Visionaries: Inspiring Futures with Nico Gutierrez and Code Ninjas
Crafting Young Visionaries: Inspiring Futures with Nico Gutierrez and Code Ninjas

Crafting Young Visionaries: Inspiring Futures with Nico Gutierrez and Code Ninjas

Update: 2023-08-14


In this episode of The Tragedy Academy Podcast, hosts Jay Hicks and Gary DeFranco sit down with Nico Gutierrez from Code Ninja's Wesley Chapel, delving into the captivating world of coding for children and its profound impact on creativity and learning. Explore the modern education system's approach to grades, competition, and the empowering effect of coding on the younger generation with seasoned experts. 🎙️🎓💼

Join Jay and Gary as they bring their unique and seasoned perspectives to the table. With Nico's expert knowledge of coding for children and a candid approach to discussing learning, leadership, and teamwork, this episode promises a rich and enlightening experience. 💻🌳

The conversation is sprinkled with laughter and deep insights, reflecting the hosts' belief that laughter is the best fertilizer for the tree of knowledge. Whether it's a critical examination of the grading system or an optimistic look at how coding can empower the younger generation, listeners will find themselves both entertained and inspired. The hosts' personal anecdotes and viewpoints and Nico's passion for nurturing creativity make this episode a must-listen. Tune in for stories that will make you think, laugh, and motivate you to be better. 🎉💡💪

Key Takeaway 1:

😊[00:03:35 - 00:14:54 ] Encouraging creativity in children through coding, including martial arts elements, Nico's insights on digital plumbing, and the importance of embracing technological changes for empowerment.

Key Takeaway 2:

🌟[00:20:29 - 00:26:30 ] The continuous adaptation to technological change, CodeNinja's unique relationship with Microsoft, and the show's philosophy that laughter enhances learning.

Key Takeaway 3:

💪[00:29:06 - 00:34:54 ] The psychological aspects of Android vs. iPhone users, the ongoing battle between Google and Apple, and the transformational impact of smartphones on daily lives.

Key Takeaway 4:

😄[00:36:45 - 00:54:25 ] The emphasis on leveraging personal skills for happiness, challenging debates on education and societal structures, family values, and the ethical implications of technology utilization, including the transformative potential of AI.

Key Takeaway 5:

🎉[00:59:49 - 01:24:17 ] The transition from traditional communication methods to modern technology, Generation X's role in communication, the importance of critical thinking and leadership, and an introduction to innovative educational platforms like Code Ninja's Wesley Chapel.

Guest Bio:

In this engaging episode of The Tragedy Academy Podcast, we sit down with a guest whose story is both inspiring and reflective of perseverance. Born in Silver Spring, Maryland, to a Cuban mother and Colombian father, our guest moved to Tampa at the age of 15.


A father of two boys and step-father to two girls, our guest's life has been marked by both tragedy and triumph. A traumatic sports injury at the age of 15 forever changed the course of his life, and the loss of his younger brother in 2012 and grandmother in 2020 has shaped his outlook and resilience.


Despite the challenges, his pursuit of education is impressive, having attended various collegiate institutions such as USF, FIT, UN, and VU. With an MBA, post-graduate certifications, and over 10 industry certifications, our guest is a self-taught programmer with a passion for learning and growth.


2021 marked the launch of his first business venture, an achievement that showcases his entrepreneurial spirit. Looking to the future, he aims to launch a second venture and continue expanding onward and upward. His experiences are a testament to the ability to overcome adversity and find success, aligning perfectly with the themes of tragedy and triumph that are central to The Tragedy Academy Podcast. 🎙️


CTA for Code Ninjas Wesley Chapel Program:

👨‍💻 Are you ready to ignite the coder in your child? Code Ninjas at Wesley Chapel offers a transformative learning experience, turning technology users into creators! 🚀 With unique programs like ninja graduations and a martial arts-themed belt system, your child will learn coding while having a blast. 🎮🥷 From game building to teamwork, Code Ninjas combines fun and education in a way that sparks creativity. Join us at Wesley Chapel and watch your child's coding skills soar! ✨ For more information, visit or call us at 813-893-4067 🌐


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Crafting Young Visionaries: Inspiring Futures with Nico Gutierrez and Code Ninjas

Crafting Young Visionaries: Inspiring Futures with Nico Gutierrez and Code Ninjas

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