DiscoverThe SqueezeDaisy Kent: Piecing Me Back Together
Daisy Kent: Piecing Me Back Together

Daisy Kent: Piecing Me Back Together

Update: 2024-04-17


America’s new favorite Bachelor alum Daisy Kent joins the Lautners to discuss her journey on the reality show, a time during which she was adjusting to life with a cochlear implant. Daisy offers an in-depth recounting of her hearing loss journey and her special outlook on life as she gets to fall in love with something that was once taken from her. She discusses her Lyme disease diagnosis and the deep depression that accompanied these physical battles. She also opens up about moments we saw on the show, from that iconic car ride to the tender moment she got to hear her brother’s voice again. 
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Daisy Kent: Piecing Me Back Together

Daisy Kent: Piecing Me Back Together