DiscoverThe Queer Family PodcastDeciding if I Want to Start a Family as a Queer Person
Deciding if I Want to Start a Family as a Queer Person

Deciding if I Want to Start a Family as a Queer Person

Update: 2024-04-01


Host Jaimie sits down with Kay Anderson, host of the Lost Spaces podcast, for a candid discussion about the complexities of queer family planning, nature vs nurture, and the individual choice to have children. The conversational journey offers a deep dive into not only Kay's personal musings regarding family and parenting but also the diverse ways queer individuals approach these life choices. The episode is rich with exploration of various family-building options such as surrogacy, adoption, fostering, and the roles that genetics and environment play in shaping familial relationships.

This is an essential listen for anyone in the LGBTQIA community considering family life, as well as for allies seeking understanding and connection. Stay tuned for more enlightening content from the Queer Family podcast that celebrates, uplifts, and normalizes diverse family narratives.

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🏳️‍🌈Key Takeaways:🏳️‍🌈 

  • K Anderson discusses his journey of self-discovery and his cautious attitude toward starting a family, highlighting the societal preconceptions and personal reservations that influence such decisions.
  • A detailed exploration of the different paths queer individuals can take to create families, including the emotional and practical considerations that each option entails.
  • Jaimie shares insights from her own queer family experience, touching on the unique challenges and joys of having one biological child and one non-biological child.
  • The importance of considering nurture over nature and how parental influence extends beyond genetic connections.
  • An open invitation for listeners to share their own experiences and views on family dynamics and the nature vs nurture debate within the context of the LGBTQIA community.


  • "I think that this is a really important conversation to have, because not everybody out there wants to be a parent. And it is not the end all, be all to have a family. That is not the goal of life for everyone.” Jaimie
  • "How many of our choices are our choices and how many of our choices are just what we're preprogrammed to make?" K Anderson
  • "It warms my heart that they still both will go to both of us." Jaimie on the non-biological bond with her children
  • "Am I just terrified of making a decision?" K Anderson, discussing the prospect of becoming a foster parent

🏳️‍🌈About The Guest(s)🏳️‍🌈

K Anderson is the creator and host of the Lost Spaces podcast, which nostalgically dives into the lost queer venues and spaces that were once integral parts of many LGBTQIA individuals' youth. The podcast is not only about the queer spaces themselves but also explores the significant personal memories and experiences of those who frequented them. With a passion for storytelling and uncovering the forgotten chapters of queer culture, Kay brings a reflective exploration of what these spaces meant for personal growth and communal identity.

🏳️‍🌈Resources mentioned in the episode: 

  • Podcast: Lost Spaces 
  • K Anderson's Social Media: @lostspacespod on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook

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Deciding if I Want to Start a Family as a Queer Person

Deciding if I Want to Start a Family as a Queer Person

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