DiscoverThe Trial Of Alex MurdaughDecoding The Bizarre Behavior of The Heuermann Family
Decoding The Bizarre Behavior of The Heuermann Family

Decoding The Bizarre Behavior of The Heuermann Family

Update: 2023-09-19


The world of crime podcasts has been in constant flux with information, conspiracies, and discussions. The recent episode of "Hidden Killers" with Tony Brueski, featuring psychotherapist and author Shavaun Scott, was no exception. Their focus? Asa Ellerup, the estranged wife of Rex Heuermann, the suspected Long Island serial killer, and her bizarre recent requests.


 "Why would the spouse of an accused serial killer want back nearly 300 guns taken from their home in the middle of an investigation?" This intriguing question was at the heart of the conversation between Brueski and Scott. Asa's behavior post the accusations against her husband is perplexing, to say the least.


 Brueski observed, "The optics are totally off. I've never seen anyone, the spouse of someone who's accused of being a horrible person. Acting this way. It seems very tone-deaf." He draws attention to her aloofness amidst serious allegations against her husband. This move, demanding the guns amidst an investigation, further projects an image of nonchalance that's perplexing.


 Scott shared her insight on the topic, "It does give a very odd vibe. It seems strange. And the first thought that came into my mind when I heard that is she's desperate for money and wants to sell all these guns." She further hypothesized about Asa's personality traits, suggesting quirks or aloof behavior that might have been characteristic of her long before the allegations against her husband emerged.


 Brueski added more to the pot, expressing bewilderment at the police's approach. "The police have said the initially they've said we don't think she's done anything. She's fine. She can there, although there has not as far as we're aware yet been any sort of interviews done directly with her, which I also find very odd." The host seems to suggest that Asa's increasingly eccentric behavior might eventually lead the police to look into her role, if any, more deeply.


 Scott weighed in, "It sure seems to be unusual behavior and not a, you know, a person with insight. And of course you can be a very odd person and not have any insight and aloof is a good word." She is clear to clarify that odd behavior doesn't necessarily equate with being involved in the crimes. Her concern mirrors that of Brueski - the absence of an interview between the police and Asa.


 In the intricate world of crime and its investigation, the public is often enthralled by the macabre and mysterious. In this case, the spotlight, while majorly on Rex Heuermann, also falls curiously on Asa Ellerup. She appears to be an enigma wrapped in a puzzle, and her latest moves have only increased the public's interest in her.


 The podcast episode delves into the peculiarities of behavior and the complexities of human psychology. In a chilling situation involving murder allegations, Asa Ellerup stands out as a character that baffles both experts and enthusiasts alike.


 As the episode concludes, Brueski observes, "This seems like it might have been a very bizarre household as well. Yes. And these are just people who are bizarre. Yeah. They just didn't quite fit into normal, polite society, I think."


 Indeed, as listeners and readers, we are left pondering: Is it just eccentricity or does the Ellerup household hold more dark secrets than we know?

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Decoding The Bizarre Behavior of The Heuermann Family

Decoding The Bizarre Behavior of The Heuermann Family

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